Greg, I have read through a lot of this blog with interest. I...

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I have read through a lot of this blog with interest.

I spent 5 months in Haiti courtesy of the US Army during 1994 - 1995, mostly in the Port Au Prince area. I have since received a degree in History and Politics back home in Florida and am considering a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology for my Master's degree.

I wonder if any historical and archaeological research has been done in earnest on L'ile de la Tortue?

I have considered returning to Haiti quite often, and I would like to research Tortue in particular.

It truly has become a lost island, and the history of the Tainos prior to the Spanish and French has been largely lost as well. I do know that they have recently discovered a large Taino settlement in the Ponce area of Puerto Rico. Of course, the Buccaneer (Boucanier) history is what captivates so many today (although I'm sure not very many people who watched Pirates of the Caribbean understood that the Tortuga referred to in the movies was L'ile de la Tortue of Haiti).

I learned some Creole (basic conversation) when I was on duty in Haiti 15 years ago. Amazingly, when I worked at Disney in Orlando last year, I ran in to quite a few people from Haiti, and was still able to hold a basic conversation.

I guess learning for practical reasons lasts longer than learning for academic reasons...

I would love to hear back from you as to how your project is progressing, and if you know of any historical or archaeological efforts are underway or have been recently on Tortue.

Mike Shimer
michael.shimer at

Michael Shimer, October 21 2009, 1:43 AM


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Greg, I have read through a lot of this blog with interest. I spent 5 months in Haiti courtesy of the US Army during... read more >
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