MUNISTAH the necessary evil

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MUNISTAH is a necessary evil. Most of the soldiers are from poor countries where everything isn't all that good. Now there getting paid large sums of money as UN soldiers.

No doubt if the situation was to suddenly improve in Haiti there wouldn't be a need for UN soldiers or diplomats.

They would have to go back to a life of mediocrity.

Brasil is leading the mission because it wants a seat in the UN security council.

I'm sure they figure nation building would look nice on the resume.

But whether we like it or not their presence is needed.

It's possible they're contributing to insecurity as a way to secure there continued presence; but at the same time i think if they weren't present Haiti would have been in a state of complete anarchy.

We're not being realistic if we think their job is to develop the country.

This is something we have to do ourselves.

They have to go but we have to make sure that before they leave we have a police force capable of protecting the citizens of Haiti.

Mark, February 3 2007, 6:44 PM

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