Haiti a country in turmoil

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Since the election of Mr. Preval, his governement has accomplished very little.What Haiti needs is a strong nationalist; someone who will put national interst ahead of his own by tackling the problem of misery, injustice, corruption to only name a few.
Mr. Preval, I know you when you resided in Washington, Dc during the Sr. Bush administration.

I fought for the return of Aristid and his government to Haiti.

Please tell me my efforsts were not in vain.
We can't rewrite history but we can do what's right for the hatian people.

We are angry and tired that your govenment is uable or unwilling to provide for its citizen the basic necessities, such as; electricity, education, security, food, shelter.

There are hundreds of haitian nationalists ready and willing to help their country.

Maybe its time to put our differences aside in the name of national interest.

maybe its time to pass a simple amendment to our constitution allowing haitians living abroad a dual nationality.

I feel this can only help.
What are we afraid of?

May be Haiti will be floded by the best doctors, the best engineers, businessmen, teachers, etc, eager to help their contry.

I understand this can't be easy, but we need your leadership to make this happen.

Sign a haitian nationalist

Louis E., January 25 2007, 10:14 AM

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