No Linda you are not saying no to are saying no to...

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No Linda you are not saying no to are saying no to our young brothers and sisters in Haiti who need real education right now...

not to case is done as well as my education.

Fortunately I cannot say no to them.
I understood perfectly what you were saying about those people who use to work for your father.

But you cannot fool me, I am from the system, I know how things work in father was a very big and wealthy entrepreneur in Haiti (MAX DARBOUZE), I am not shame of telling names because I am speaking of the truth.

So research can be done. I know what is going one there; they were all nothing but servants.

Plus you are not from social service nor social security how dare you coming in here talking about 16 people you are paying rent for and expected me to take you seriously 16 does not even sound I am dumb enough to not see the picture.

Plus if your father did give work to them...there should have been better structure to prevent senior workers to get to those situations...situations like "getting their rent pay by Sister Teresa" that is what I am against.

My father MAX DARBOUZE gave work to over 350 people in "sento la plain" and he did not do the right thing or the system was not set right enough for those people to be secure in their old days, so what would be the best course of action now?

Running after them all and play social security or educate well intelligent new generation capable of critical thinking so they can say no to a broken system and overwrite it!!
You think you said no to me...ok let's analyze this closely.

I went to Haiti and spent over one million dollars for that school; does it look like your saying is affective?

I own a beautiful big "pavillon" in france and I am talking about own, not the credit system of mortgage that fools in the usa got them self lock in to, I am talking about own and paid cash, does that look like you are saying no to me?

I own my computer firm in that usa have techs working for me in 5 major state right now in the usa wile I am in France busy making alliance for my brothers and sisters in Haiti, do your really think you are saying no to me...I am not done...

I own 60 acres of land in las vegas, are you sure you are saying not to the right personnel or to those who needed your yes?

but above all, in this modern days of no limit to information Google my name "Ralph Darbouze" base on all the info you will find about me...tell me if your saying "no" is something that can affect me or affecting or our brothers and sisters back there...

Like I said situation in Haiti make people bark and dog talk...wile you are coming here and talking about people, government, and other irreverent topics, I will be barking seeking for those with knowledge and welling to make sacrifices for their country, the 23rd of January i will be first in that airplane going to Haiti giving a free seminar on networking and different topologies, keep thinking you are saying no to me ...20 years from will still be on that blog talking about "people, governments...and more" but your contribution to Haiti will be limited to those 16 seniors who are ready to call you "madame la si madame la ca" you know what I am talking about do you?

And you will be promoting the "La promesse schools" so their children can call yours "mademoisel si mademoisel ca" till your time fade out and as result nothing would be done. According to some observers...a sister Teresa is born every 1000 the next 16 seniors will have a long time to wait for.
Years from now I will be remember as "the dog who bark the bark and bite the bites" as oppose to "people who talk the talk and cannot walk the walk"

Ralph Darbouze, December 18 2008, 8:07 PM

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No Linda you are not saying no to me….you are saying no to our young brothers and sisters in Haiti who need real... read more >
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No Linda you are not saying no to me….you are saying no to our young brothers and sisters in Haiti who need real... read more >
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Linda, 18-Dec-08 8:40 pm
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Krupt, 27-Aug-09 8:39 pm
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