Come on Linda does the truth hurt? See... I am not mad at...

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Come on Linda does the truth hurt?


I am not mad at you...I am frustrating with the hypocrisy that lay in to our ways of doing things...

I am not in to this looking or begging for a matter of fact I alone invested and I have proof of it...but that is not the point we are debating now...

True self show is yours...I just gave you a description on how many of use reacted when It come to Haiti.

Some of us really use the wrong tools and wrong solutions...

Yes it is fine that you are "paying rent for your servants" so they can continue alone with their child be our servant...and truly speaking that is what you are perpetrating.

It is also great that you are paying school for others...

schools like " La promesse" so they can fall on to them or later they will realize, their "savoir" worth nothing compare to the fancy "diplomas" that you or your children may have...or speaking a language that no longer sustain in this new world order.

Have you ever known about the saying "teach me how to catch a fish instead of feeding me"

Maybe your approach should be reconsidering; maybe you should stop and look in to a better direction or ways to help...

I do not pay rent for anyone...

nor giving a fish to anyone but for sure I am brining a level of education some what equivalent to what I got from the "usa" a level of education equal to what great nations are perpetrating for they youth and above all, all, all only that mater.

Did you ever wonder why union school is $1500/month?

Have you ever walked in to their new facility and see what tools they are using...have you ever walk in to a "la promesse" school and check on what you are paying for?

Linda this stage of my institution I am seeking for knowledge rather than money...

Alliance rather than scarcity, truth rather than fakeness, humble rather than arrogance
If you feel that I am barked...ask your self if the situation in Haiti and the mentality right now is not enough to make people bark and dogs talk
And for now for your country...that is the best you could have offer...

Holding on fake excuses as "I do not know you...I cannot trust" no longer sustain cause I was supposed to be the one worrying my investment stand on a million dollar expenses already but you just come to a blog and talk and brag ...ridicules excuses like "the country is not safe" no longer a reality...

Cause in years to come...we will look forward and asked again why the country is like that...and...

the answer is ..."none of us did any sacrifices" .How do you think some great nations are where they are right now?

I am not here to brag, but let me tell you about a man who as wealth in spain, usa, france, Suisse and Haiti and yet did not say "ki mele mwen" but courageous enough to return to Haiti and said...I am sharing what I learned there...rather rich or poor, like it or not...the computer science paper delivering over there does count world wide and it is not at the union school price.

What did your learn?

Bring it on and make the alliance...if you cannot do what ever possible form and aspect, please do your self a favor...close this blog and never return, cause anything else...would be hypocrisy and lies.

Ralph Darbouze, December 16 2008, 5:03 PM

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Come on Linda does the truth hurt? See… I am not mad at you…I am frustrating with the hypocrisy that lay in to our... read more >
Ralph Darbouze, 16-Dec-08 5:03 pm
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Linda, 16-Dec-08 6:51 pm
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Ralph Darbouze, 17-Dec-08 5:50 pm
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Ralph Darbouze, 18-Dec-08 7:57 pm
No Linda you are not saying no to me….you are saying no to our young brothers and sisters in Haiti who need real... read more >
Ralph Darbouze, 18-Dec-08 8:07 pm
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Linda, 18-Dec-08 8:40 pm
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Yves Salamanque Gren Son Nen, 18-Dec-08 9:00 pm
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Ralph Darbouze, 19-Dec-08 7:36 am
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Krupt, 27-Aug-09 8:39 pm
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