Montresor 2011, You are the phoniest, the most fake and a true...

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montresor 2011,

You are the phoniest, the most fake and a true crony on this blog. I wish I had the power to kick you out of the site.

Haven't you learned anything about those who have used the name of God/the Lord to advance their personal agenda?

Well, in case you have missed the result of those who have, let me tell you that every single one of them has fallen from grace.

Do you remember Jimmy Swagert, James Baker & and his wife Tammy Fea, Robinson from 700 club and many others?

In his bid for president in 1994, Robinson came before the nation and said in a straight face that "God has spoken to him that night and asked him to run for president to save the country from ..." here you are today in 2008 using that same crappy slogan as a way to get support for your presidential bid.

This is what make you a crony, a scamer, a phony and a fake with no character whatsoever.

I really don't know where people like yourself got their audacity from, but wherever you people got it from, you really make me sick to my stomack.

For a moment, I started taking you somewhat seriously, but after reading your recent messages where you keep evoking the name of God/Lord and have the gut to say that God want you to be president, you really went over the top and ahead of yourself, and all I feel like doing is trowing up.

You might be able to easily scam some of those uninformed and uneducated Haitians living in Haiti, but you cannot fool me.

You really put a bad taste in my mouth.

I have no respect and no patience for phonies and cronies.

I did not know you were a preacher too.

Tiba, December 12 2008, 6:19 PM

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