Let's Rebuild Haiti

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My one destination is to see Haiti in a different light.

Bring some hope to the people and help them live a better life. Now I'm going to need as much help as possible, so anybody with good ideas that they feel can rebuild the country, please post it to me. I will spend the time and energy to come up with a solution.

We are going to pick a subject one at a time and really think it through and try to find a way to make it work. we are going to do this together.

I can't do it alone.

you probably know things that I don't know, so please feel free to educate me on new matter.

Thank you.

Haiticherie, November 18 2008, 6:01 PM

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I'm not asking for money, I'm asking for well thought out ideas of how we feel a problem could be solve and as a... read more >
Haiticherie, 18-Nov-08 6:09 pm
Haiticherie, you said "where do we start?" 1. You might want to start the process by not thinking that you are the... read more >
Linda, 18-Nov-08 6:38 pm
Thank you linda. now i completely deserved that. I don't have a know it all idea, if anything i might be clueless in... read more >
Haiticherie, 18-Nov-08 7:11 pm
Like President Bush said "that is bolony in Texas we caled that bull".... read more >
Franciskin Rafael, 21-Nov-08 6:19 pm
In New York City, we call it bull crap. What about in Haiti? Lavaud read more >
Lavaud Desmoulins, 21-Nov-08 7:30 pm
Haiticherie, the problem is not simple. Haiti has the most complex social divergence in the world, even worst than... read more >
Prudent Soyez Prudent, 22-Nov-08 11:51 am
Ayiti se youn peyi ki modi paske li ganyin trop moun dwat e goch ki dirije li tankou, Bonifas, Jak Alexi, Latorty... read more >
Prudent Soyez Prudent, 22-Nov-08 12:02 pm


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