I, Arnold Principal, approve the construction of this Disaster...

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I, Arnold Principal, approve the construction of this Disaster Releif Warehouse, but not in the Capital.

In a near furure the Capital shall be removed, and half of its residents relo-
cated for reasons I may have to release lateron to the government.

I do suggest that more than one warehouse be built, and the aids in goods be
delivered out of the custom service in time of desaster.

In one of my e-mails
to President Rene Preval I did suggest that a waft be constructed specially for
the time of desaster.

Boats should unload goods and donors should be allowed
to receive them without custom interference.

The government should issue a decree against people who may intent to privately
use this canal to sent private items.

That shall not be allowed for any reason.

Now my message:

Hello, fellow haitians: This is the time to rethink and question your gods.
This is the time to weigh yourselves and see if your are not too weak and too

After a hurricane politic that drove away all men and women, well-
trained to lead the country, you have been taken hostage in a system where
selfishness and hate, manipulation and presomption defy our constitution.

are destroying our country, we are fading our destiny.

Haiti has already lost
its values.

Haitians, my brethen, remember what I told you the last two and half (2-1/2)
years: "The worse is for tomorrow." What you see today is the result of your

Stop and rethink.

Would you like to be confidente in a near future, stop and look back 51 years,
then confess, forgive and forget; God of mercy shall hear your cry.

Would you like to see your country prosper?

Give your current gods a leave of
absence for 51 years renewable, you shall see the difference.

Try the Lord almighty, he shall chance the negative image of your country for ever. Trust Him.


Arnold Principal

Past. Arnold Principal, September 9 2008, 9:58 AM

Topic: Rene Preval Accused By USA For Haiti's Problems

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Greg Peters, 9-Sep-08 8:57 am
I, Arnold Principal, approve the construction of this Disaster Releif Warehouse, but not in the Capital. In a near... read more >
Past. Arnold Principal, 9-Sep-08 9:58 am
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Rintintin, 9-Sep-08 2:49 pm
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Linda, 10-Sep-08 8:49 am
Linda, You need to give your life to Jesus. Peace to your soul my sister!!! read more >
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Greg Peters, 10-Sep-08 2:04 pm
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Jjoseph, 10-Sep-08 2:20 pm
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Garry Dupre, 10-Sep-08 5:59 pm
voudou is Haiti's problem, Please read Exodus 20 my brothers and sisters. The Ten Commandments 1 And God spoke all... read more >
Jesus Is A Live, 10-Sep-08 9:28 pm
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