Haiti Saved The U S Revolution Pres Clinton In Haiti

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Watch the Haiti Saved The U S Revolution Pres Clinton In Haiti video, During his visit in Haiti in March 31 1995 Pres Bill Clinton reminded the world that Haiti saved the U S Revolution when he said History records back two centuries ago on the eve of your independence and during my nation s Revolutionary war more than 500 of your ancestors came from Haiti to my country and died in the fight to bring the United States to life Indeed President Bill clinton is right Earl Caldwell of the Daily News wrote Attitude might be different though if Americans knew more of how history links the United States to Haiti the first Black independent nation in the world In September 1779 when American troops were in full retreat at the hands of of the British in Savannah Georgia the U S army was saved by what was described as one of the most brilliant and bravest feats ever performed by foreign troops in the American cause Haitians did that and these were freed black slaves fighting for a country that was to allow slavery for most of another century when the battle was over instead of the Siege of Savannah the battle became known as The day Haiti saved the retreating Patriot army The U S owes a debt to Haiti The Bush administration s policy toward Haiti is as disastrous as Iraq s Posted by Smith Georges I can be reached at WhyGeorges aol com Please visitorThank you

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Noel says...

big deal. so what our ancestors helped them. we, haitians, need to help Haiti.

don't go to Haiti to be treated like a king. we need to do volunteer work to better the

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