Pro Democracy Demonstration Haiti December 2003

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Watch the Pro Democracy Demonstration Haiti December 2003 video, I filmed these women in downtown Port au Prince in December 2003 Their organization FAVILEK walked the streets to demand that the U S Canada and Europe backed opposition forces stop the practice of forcing public school closings as a tactic to overthrow the popular Government of President Jean Bertrand Aristide they force schools attended by poor people s children to close while their own children continue to benefit education in fancy universities abroad Indeed inside Port au Prince itself I witnessed how most shools were closed while for instance a private school near Delmas 75 was attended on that day by white looking children Perhaps they include those of the foreign diplomats and rich Haitians who openly demonstrated the diplomats included for the overthrow of the Aristide government This demo as many others I had the privilege to film in Haiti counter the racist and classist myth propagated in maintream media that President Aristide s support base consist of a bunch of violent thugs The term bandit used prominently to dehumanize Haitian resistance during the 1915 U S invasion resurfaced alongside chim re during the 2004 coup period

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Saint-ange Marcellus says...

OH God!
Je suis content et heureux de voir chanter et prophetiser ces jeunes enfants talentueux.

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