Ge Rald Bloncourt On Breton Mabille And Haiti In 1944 46

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Watch the Ge Rald Bloncourt On Breton Mabille And Haiti In 1944 46 video, This is video documentation of a public program where poet writer and artist G rald Bloncourt b 1926 discusses political events in Haiti during 1944 46 The axis points of this narration are a lecture by Andr Breton and Bloncourt s friendship with that lecture s organizer Pierre Mabille who was at the time France s cultural attach in Haiti As Bloncourt tells this was a period during lie Lescot s presidency considered then and still today a dictatorship At the time Bloncourt Jacques Stephan Alexis and others were part of a group of artists and writers who published in the newspaper called La Ruche of which Rene Depestre was chief editor At 19 years of age Bloncourt s task during Breton s lecture was to back up his friend Stephan Alexis whose responsibility in turn was to assassinate Lescot present at Breton s lecture However the assasintation failed and the young revolutionaries went into hide out La Ruche published Breton s lecture but was immediately seized by Lescot A series of student uprisings led to more social unrest In February 1946 Bloncourt left Haiti and soon after arrived to Paris thanks to Mabille s diplomacy as a political exile Mabille died in the 1952 Stephan Alexis was tortured and killed in 1961 in Haiti during the Duvalier dictatorship Bloncourt still lives and works in Paris In 2007 he co authored with Michael L wy Messagers de la Temp te Andr Breton et la R volution de Janvier 1946 en Haiti Paris Le Temps des Cerises 2007 G rald Bloncourt s brief narration of these events documented in the video were followed by a poetry reading This program took place on September 18 2008 at the Mus e de Montmartre in Paris It was organized by Kadist Art Foundation as part of the exhibition Archaeology of Longing curated by Sof a Hern ndez Chong Cuy In French

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