Haitian Parade Outside Churchhill S Miami

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Watch the Haitian Parade Outside Churchhill S Miami video, The 2006 Elections in Haiti to replace the interim government of G rard Latortue put in place after the 2004 Haiti rebellion were delayed four times after having been originally scheduled for October and November 2005 The elections finally took place on February 7 2006 1 The 129 member Haitian parliament was also elected at this election Run off elections for the Chamber of Deputies of Haiti were held on 21 April 2006 According to official statistics Ren Pr val of the Lespwa coalition led the count for President with 48 8 of the vote less than the 50 needed to be declared elected on the first round But on February 16 following days of protests by supporters of Preval and meetings between the electoral council and the interim government it was agreed that blank ballots would be distributed among the candidates resulting in a total vote for Preval of 51 1 A second round of voting for President was thus avoided Blank ballots were to have been counted as virtual none of the above votes or abstentions

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