Haiti Prime Minister Fired Over Food Crisis

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Watch the Haiti Prime Minister Fired Over Food Crisis video, ANCHOR And the crisis continues in Haiti over soaring food prices Over the weekend the Haitian Senate voted to oust the country s Prime Minister and one U N peacekeeper was shot dead Here s more STORY Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis is the first political victim of the week long riots in Haiti 16 out of 17 senators voted to fire him in a special session on Saturday in spite a of a new government plan to reduce rice prices Senator Rudolph Goezil said they were quote Responding to the call of the people Meanwhile on the same day and in the same city a U N peacekeeper from Nigeria was shot dead A Haitian police officer who did not want to be named said the peacekeeper was shot near the city s main Catholic cathedral At least five people died last week during the riots over food prices but the capital had been relatively calm since last Wednesday when President Rene Preval called on the rioters to stop The President s new plan will lower the price of a sack of rice 8 dollars from 51 to 43 but he said he would not lower taxes on food because they need that money for long term projects

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