School Collapse In Haiti Killing Over 75 Children

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Watch the School Collapse In Haiti Killing Over 75 Children video, My fair assessment of the tragedy in Haiti

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Haiticherie says...

I can't stress enough on how much we need to start blaming simply the president.

the negative takes a lot of energy.

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Haiticherie says...

I don't think that this unfornate mishap had anything what so ever to do with the government and dictatorship.

We need to stop focusing on the negative, people.

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1 6 3 1 says...

"When the people don't want to obey the rules, they scream dictatorship"

Some interesting words I read while watching the video.

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Une Lionne says...

More videos of deadly school collapsed in haiti.

When is the nightmare going to end for Ayiti Queskeya?

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