Rene Preval and Michaelle Jean



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Rene Preval and Michaelle Jean

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Haitian President Rene Preval (R) is greeted by the Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean (L) during the official greeting prior to the opening of the 12th Francophonie Summit, a Conference of Heads of State and Government of Countries Using French as a Common Language, held every two years, 17 October 2008 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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Judith Jolicoeur says...

I see that the President of Haiti Rene Preval welcoming Michaelle Jean who is not only a beautiful lady but have a good head and know what she is doing.

To me the look on President Rene Preval face was a look of a welcome way over do. He was happy to be there to welcome her. I told my friend "look at those two, man we are some good looking Haitian." I was and still happy to say that. My friend said yes they are and I didn't have to tell her who the lady in the picture was. Why do we Haitian do that to each other?

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Dlp says...

Pichon or Plichon (kreyol)

Plz show me how your dirty mind was able to detect "flirt"in that picture.

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Pichon says...

This is the woman you nuts want to be president of Haiti.You are out of your mind.Don't you see that she is flirting with Preval in broad daylight.

She has no shame.

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Luminarian. says...

The way President Preval shake hands by grabbing the entire persons wrist prove that he is a professional "voleur" no doubt.

It's at his subconsious level.

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Ti Chouchou says...

hi this's a beautiful picture, but Mr President can you change your face take off the
write beard please you gone look young and better Mr the President.that picture show
the world everything is possible the Canada Governor General she's Haitian and simple quiet beautiful

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