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Dear Mr. President, I repeat my place to assist your People in foods as AGRARIAN PARTY OF GREECE, I'm the Executive Secretary General, when Your Excellency send to me the Legal Rights to do it and without money of You... » »
Vasilios Gikas, 01/18/10 2:54 AM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Haitian President Rene Preval has nominated one of his closest advisers for prime minister, seeking to break a deadlock that has left his country without a government for two months.Presidential... » »
Timaurice, 06/06/08 11:11 PM

Haitian Lawmakers Reject President's Prime Minister Candidate. Translation: Bann Senate San Manman Sa Yo Fe Tout Efo Pou Yo kenbe Peyi Ya Bloke. Associated Press - May 12, 2008 8:03 PM... » »
Will Rosenberg, 05/13/08 2:36 AM

Unfortunately, the problem is not only in Haiti, it is world wide. The people demonstrated to ask a better condition. They did not ask to remove the Prime Minister. Preval and the senators choose Alexis as a scapegoat... » »
Claudette, 04/23/08 9:31 PM

admistrative reforms in haiti is necessary the prime minister system does not work.the executive and the legislative might work better.a presidentand a vice president may team up better my personal opinion » »
K.rene, 04/02/10 6:24 AM

Honorable Tiba! We all know that he was one of the multitude of friends and followers of Aristide. Why was he chosen to be prime minister, and after the demise of the defrocked priest, why was he elected. He must have... » »
Zarien Krab, 05/06/09 8:25 PM

Blessing to you once again Zac, I appreciate your feedback but nevertheless I know you already know why am I touring the United States and Canada, no I am not running for President of the United States or Canada and if... » »
Montresor 2011, 11/15/09 2:28 PM

Mirlande will be president for sure, but I don't know if Baker will be chosen as her prime minister. We have to wait and see ok... » »
Nellie Jeantillon Sanon, 11/14/10 6:09 PM

salut Michele keep up the good work be strong and stay strong to deal with our people ok GOD BLESS YOU AND WILL KEEP YOU SAFE » »
Hebreux St.fleur, 11/01/09 3:29 PM

Bob Manuel is the worst possile person for this post. Ok he can maybe help the insecurity, but what does he know about running a government. He is simply not qualified and will not reassure the political parties. Whos... » »
Robert N, 05/30/08 12:06 PM