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Sometimes when I come to this blog I wonder if all Haitians are completely nuts. I than have to remind myself that I know some very sane Haitians, and it s just on this blog that there are so many insane ones. Take for... » »
Linda, 07/20/08 5:51 AM

Something is being done by United Nations> Plus the Prime Minister Alexis has to resign nicely or get himself fired. Either way he should be gone by Friday. Yes tomorrow Friday April 11 2008. Des sénateurs qui... » »
Claude, 04/10/08 7:45 PM

I think it is time to look at the reality and do something for Haiti. We are the poorest country in the hemisphere. We've got to do something about it before it is too late. I think the fear of urgency is now as Barack... » »
Floppely, 04/17/08 10:00 AM

You know sometimes i wish that i didn't care about Haiti and its People after all I haven't lived there for 12 now. But that little torn up country is my home I can never love another country as much as love haiti and... » »
Mark, 12/14/06 4:49 PM

Oh God, What a mess! We're in trouble! We have an alcoholic president, a lesbian, and atheist Prime Minister! Dear Jesus, deliver us from evil! » »
Zarien Krab Spider, 06/29/08 3:40 AM

The prime minister and her cabinet are not really working to improve the current situation in Haiti. It is a status quo situation. Insecurity is still rampant. People go to bed hungry everyday. Health care is not... » »
Trebu Patriote, 10/29/09 5:26 PM

Madame Prime minister, je vous salue cordialement. je suis un haitien vivant dans l'Etat de Connecticut USA depuis 16 ans. Malgre mon ecart de mon terroir, je reste fervemment attache a mon pays. je dis tout ceci c'est... » »
Rodinald Raymond, 05/05/09 9:46 AM

To bring possitive and progressive changes in Haiti, that national piece of document called "the constitution" must be re-written immidiately. As far as that piece of doccument is concerned right now it's nothing but a... » »
Tiba, 07/15/08 7:42 PM

Good morning President.I want to start by say you have so much to deal with it is truly a heavy load my hope is that the United state plus the UN will continue to help with the rebuilding of Haiti.The wold is... » »
Christian Junior Mcnally, 04/25/10 9:28 AM

You are a worse cowardly human been if you know this information to be true, and have kept it you know where. You are even worse for not doing anything about it. You are a coward and a punk. » »
Tirouge, 06/13/08 3:17 PM