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Un Trio difficile: Manigat, Celestin, Martelly

If we were to raise ourselves above the crowd and make a serious objective and patriotic analysis of the situation in... more »

Temporary Haitian Government Headquarters

Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, pledged a $12 million to help build a temporary government Center in... more »

RE: Haiti names new Prime Minister Dimanche 27 Avril

Linda, you're right about this and I think aristid should stay away from the country. more »

RE: Michele Duvivier Pierre Louis

a lesbian can not prime minister in haiti where is the moral of our society more »

RE: Michèle Pierre Louis: My Aunt has been ratified

I am also very happy for you and your aunt. I am hopeful that she will make a great prime minister and that you will... more »

RE: Preval Said Whatever The Price Mirelande Should Be His Successor

Toulimen,beside Manigat,anyone else as prime minister? I know she would be super for that position.But her ego is in... more »

RE: Prime Minister Robert Manuel

This guy cannot be Prime Minister. He has blood on his hands. Under the first term of Preval,in October 1999, He... more »

RE: Here we go again

Hey Zac - what's going on my friend? you're still here trying to rationalize with these people? Bless your heart! Zac... more »

RE: Haitian Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis

ewwww! this is inappropriate and unacceptable! this is the ugliest piece of crap i have ever seen. more »

New Haitian Prime Minister Haiti Pro Business

New Haitian Prime Minister Vows to Further Haiti's Pro-Business Stance Local Business Community Committed to Support... more »