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If we were to raise ourselves above the crowd and make a serious objective and patriotic analysis of the situation in Haiti with those three Candifates. We muust ask ourselves-Which one of them can represent our... » »
Kamoken, 12/12/10 11:06 AM

Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada, pledged a $12 million to help build a temporary government Center in Haiti. Stephen Harper was in Haiti the last couple of days and he met with Haitian president Rene... » »
Haiti Earthquake News, 02/17/10 7:55 AM

Linda, you're right about this and I think aristid should stay away from the country. » »
Fremzolove2be, 04/28/08 12:58 AM

a lesbian can not prime minister in haiti where is the moral of our society » »
Roger Francois, 07/02/08 10:37 PM

I am also very happy for you and your aunt. I am hopeful that she will make a great prime minister and that you will give her good counsel. She is also responsible for approving adoptions. I have been waiting patiently... » »
Paul Cormier, 07/26/08 3:31 PM

Toulimen,beside Manigat,anyone else as prime minister? I know she would be super for that position.But her ego is in flame. » »
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 04/03/11 4:22 PM

This guy cannot be Prime Minister. He has blood on his hands. Under the first term of Preval,in October 1999, He ordered the assassination of Jean Lamy who was going to replace him as the Secretary of Public Security... » »
Trebu Patriote, 06/01/08 7:01 PM

Hey Zac - what's going on my friend? you're still here trying to rationalize with these people? Bless your heart! Zac, believe you me, I do really understand your frustration, your rage, and your disgust, but I don't... » »
Tiba, 10/30/09 7:18 PM

ewwww! this is inappropriate and unacceptable! this is the ugliest piece of crap i have ever seen. » »
John, 03/16/09 5:58 PM

New Haitian Prime Minister Vows to Further Haiti's Pro-Business Stance Local Business Community Committed to Support Government's Effort to Stimulate Investment Opportunities PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti--(BUSINESS... » »
Business Wire, 11/10/09 6:57 PM