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We should all support Stevens Benoit's proposed amendment to change the European Prime Minister's model of government that has failed Haiti over the past 26 years to a classic presidential one with a vice president... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/21/11 5:43 PM

Hi Mr. the President I suggest you to do what the constitution tells you to do to choose a Prime Minister as soon as possible. » »
Wilner, 04/16/08 9:51 PM

who is this Ericq Pierre? » »
Fremzolove2be, 04/27/08 9:13 PM

Then I guess he's not your President, you have Prime Minister in Canada, don't cha'? » »
James, 01/14/10 2:48 PM

Toulimen, You have made your case very brilliantly, and therefore, I am ready to give Bellerive the benifit of the doubt temporarily just to give Martelly time to appoint a new prime minister. I did not think about... » »
Tiba, 04/09/11 7:12 AM

Zac - You are still rationalizing with Montresor? - Bless your heart! Zac, you said that Montresor doesn't understand Haitian politics, true, but most importantly, Montresor has no understanding of politics, period! As... » »
Tiba, 11/15/09 6:27 PM

Hey Mirelande, put your anger aside and read your concession speech right away. As you may be selected as the next Prime Minister of Haiti, and if that is the will of the international community, I will not oppose to... » »
Toulimen, 04/04/11 6:48 PM

Oh my God,You who are in Heaven say something about the Biggest lie ever against our former President,Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide.Dear Mr President,Rene Garcia Preval if you are really the Chief Executive of my... » »
Ronald Guillaume, 05/08/08 5:00 AM

They must have been listening! noticed some of my suggestions and criticism in the article below. _____________________________________________________ AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE Prime minister: Haiti needs help to rebuild... » »
Tiba, 06/19/10 8:33 AM

Qui aurait penser la chambre des deputes aurait prendre une telle decision vis a vis du choix D'Eric Piere? Nous avons des hommes malintentionnes au sain du Parlement qui ne se donnent pas a penser a la situation qui... » »
Louinel Jean, 05/14/08 5:19 PM