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I am now listening to a speech on It seems the Haitian prime minister Jacques Edouard Alexis hass indeed been fired. If you tune in toyou will be able to listen to it right now. » »
1 6 3 1, 04/12/08 2:14 PM

I like the attitude of the prime minister; I like the attitude of the president and I know he and I we communicate by telepathy; I like the attitude of his prime minister. Violence has no sense Violence is disobedience... » »
Ayisyen Patriyot, 09/15/06 8:52 PM

Ever since Preval made the comment "nage pou'w soti" during his first term as president. I concluded that he was nonchalant, unconcerned and indifferent which should not be the characteristics of a leader. But... » »
Mark, 12/13/06 4:50 PM

Linda, I don't know what's going on with this blogger, Colette. She seems to be the only Haitian who really believes that Michelle Pierre-Louis is doing a good job as prime minister, I heard that Michelle Pierre-Louis... » »
Tiba, 11/12/08 5:49 PM

Voice Of America calls Haitian President Rene Preval "Prime Minister Rene Preval"Here is the quote: "Haitian Prime Minister Rene Preval thanked the international community for its assistance after recent storms killed... » »
Haitian American, 09/28/08 11:57 AM

First of all we need Electricity in the county to do what you suggest. i don't understand why it is so hard to put the electricity on. Mr. president you need to spent time and money to put the electricity on so people... » »
Jake, 06/21/06 10:37 AM

Come on Tiba admit it already. You are a presidential candidate. I can postpone school and run your campaign for you this summer. once you get elected you should pick Linda as your prime minister. I mean we all know... » »
Zac, 02/03/10 12:37 PM

Mr. Alexis has been causing trouble from the start. When he was first appointed Prime minister he began to quarrel with the canadians and now it's the american ambassador in haiti. He seems to have forgotten that haiti... » »
James, 12/14/06 5:29 PM

Even tho it hurts but I have to agree with you my friend. The president is a good man with haiti at heart. It is those so call patriots we have in our senate and parliament who refuse to give the contry a breather. The... » »
Wesly Villier, 05/19/08 1:12 PM

It is a constitutional branch, and if the prime minister refuse to act on the legislative recommendation, that branch of power should give a vote of censure to the prime Minister Period! In Haiti we have three powers... » »
Jolibois Selondieu, 01/30/07 3:26 PM