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Any President or Prime minister who allows himself to be manipulated by others is weak and should never have been president or Prime minister. Man I'm telling you, if i was president or prime minister of Haiti. I would... » »
Zac, 07/14/09 5:13 PM

Haiti's President Rene Preval has proposed a longtime friend and advisor to occupy the Prime Minister seat in Haiti. Is it official yet? Did the parliament aprove it? » »
1 6 3 1, 05/30/08 9:00 AM

Mrs Pierre Louis has no real connection or attach with the Haitian People. She has no political base in the country. It is hard to see her as the next President of Haiti. She became Prime Minister with the help of... » »
Trebu Patriote, 10/30/09 5:06 PM

This is a victory for the Haitian people. My aunt is a very dedicated woman with a lot of conviction to help Haiti. I am packing my bag, and I'll be on the first morning flight out to Port-au-Prince. Mr. Preval has... » »
Ronald Duvivier, 07/17/08 9:54 PM

Montressor, tell me are you running for president of the United States or Haiti? You keep blogging about your travels from state to state but you haven't mentioned any trips to Haiti. Should you not be in Haiti... » »
Zac, 11/15/09 5:57 AM

Preval and all the senators know very well that The Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis has nothing to do with high cost of living in Haiti and around the world. It is clearly a complot of Preval and a hand full of... » »
Jocelyn Jean, 04/15/08 12:56 AM

See haitian Prime Minister Michelle Pierre Louis appearance in Compas On Broadway Part 1 - Everyone stands for the Haitian Prime Minister and she was not ready to come on stage, very funny!Part 2 - The host threatens... » »
Haiti News, 04/16/09 8:07 AM

The President has appointed the cabinet and inauguration was scheduled on Tuesday 26, 2008. According to the Constitution, the Prime minister should present his or her government program before the Senate and the Lower... » »
Trebu Patriote, 08/27/08 1:23 AM

I read somewhere that the parliament is trying to censure the government of the current prime minister. I really don't understand why specially when we have a presidential election set for next year, where in which... » »
Zac, 10/27/09 8:02 PM

Je suis tout a fait d'accord. Le peuple va se soulever. Le gouvernement doit faire quelque chose. Alexis ne peut pas etre president s'il n'est pas un bon premier ministre. Il ne l'a jamais ete d'ailleurs. Preval only... » »
Ayisyen Patriyot, 12/13/06 11:27 PM