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Linda, let us be honest and realistic.Do you thibnk the government could change Haiti or even feed the people in the short span that it has already had? Did Haiti have any institution when preval took office? What is... » »
Louinel Jean, 04/08/08 6:15 PM

Charles Henri Baker Charles-Henry Baker born in 1955 at Port-au Prince is a sucessful and US educated Haitian industrialist. He ran initially as an independent during the last Haitian elections, and has allied himself... » »
Clement, 06/04/08 4:36 PM

A true Marshall plan for Haiti By Glenn HubbardPublished: January 26 2010 22:11 | Last updated: January 26 2010 22:11 The tragedy in Haiti has attracted an outpouring of aid from governments and non-governmental... » »
Leontes, 02/07/10 2:28 PM

Now the Haitian Leaders must realise that the HAITIAN people mean business when they elect someone who says he has the merit to be elected. they can no longer seat behind their desk and get fat while the people suffer... » »
Louinel Jean, 04/07/08 10:17 PM

The Aid Game - Laundering The Profits Of Exploitation:By Sokari Ekine| Somliland Press, Africa, May 24, 2009. Haiti pays $1 million back in debt payments every week which the West refuses to write off but is happy... » »
Truths On Haiti, 05/28/09 3:41 PM

I agree with you Linda because in politics one needs to compromise sometimes with the lesser between the two evils. My experiences in the United States make me understand several things and politics is a very... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/09/11 11:26 PM

As an independent country, the Haitian elites now see the need to develop Haiti from its own economic resources. In the days ahead, the new president will start extracting oil from its oil fields in Haiti. Brazil will... » »
Toulimen, 02/23/11 9:52 PM

Haiti avec sa grande bureaucratie peut exporter des ONGs, des Partis Politiques et des Orphelinats pour augmenter les recettes fiscales de l'etat Haitien. Depuis le depart de notre equipe au pouvoir Haiti n'a rien... » »
Chanoine Merceron, 11/20/10 8:58 PM

Haiti Earthquake: Seven months and Stanley LucasThe shock and outrage at the lack of progress in Haiti seven months after the tragic earthquake that killed almost 300,000 people has unfortunately not... » »
Nadine Meriles, 09/10/10 1:12 AM

As listed in his postings, the Division Forces are enormous than the Union Forces in Haiti. The imperialistic powers such as U.S., France and Canada have spies all over to prevent us from uniting. We need to educate... » »
Samba, 01/22/11 10:04 AM