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A person that is both arrogant and ignorant at the same time is seriously annoying, and that is what u r Rose. You come on this site, you don't know anything about the other bloggers, but instead of doing your homework... » »
Linda, 07/26/09 1:39 PM

I am beginning to develop some respect for you Larry. I am too tired right now to know if what I am observing in your post is a genuine attempt at understanding or simply an attempt an attempt at niceties. They are... » »
Linda, 03/24/09 10:23 PM

Hey stupid, you cannot compare Obama with those shameless elites of Haiti. You can compare Obama with the mulattoes in Dominican Republic and not with Haiti. Mulatto elites of Haiti are crooks and I wish GOD could take... » »
Cassandra, 03/23/10 4:52 PM

Haiti was a Voodoo country since 1804 to 1862 and it was a good country after all. From the first U.S. coup d'etat against Salomon a truly democratic government like Manigat, Estime and Fignole. Haiti became worst with... » »
Lumumba Petro, 11/07/10 11:08 AM

Now I understand you and we can work together. Haitians need to be intelligents to understand the conspiracy blame-game of the international community and our local elites if they want to move forward. They are... » »
Mr. Lambert, 03/07/10 3:29 PM

You know very well Haitian History 101, but the colonizer named Montresor knows nothing. Thanks to you, I am able to understand where the Haitian Economic Social ills come from now. With the lack of leadership in... » »
Jean Pierre, 11/08/10 10:57 PM

Be Aware: by Vladimir L. We Haitians are in the most dangerous time in our life. We are in danger because we are now in the most vulnerable stage in our life. With a contingent of 20 thousand troops of all nations, all... » »
Maxo, 01/28/10 6:09 PM

Zaaaaaaaaaaac!!! It's really nice to have u back!!! Well, you already know how I feel about Preval, so I wont even go there. And yes this site is now filled with 3 types of people: the first group are white... » »
Linda, 03/31/10 5:05 PM

I have participated in missionary work (no not religious ones), but nevertheless with some NGOs which to day I even oppose some of them or that I am "somewhat: generally anti-NGOs especially foreign ones and the... » »
Wilgeens Afrolatino Rosenberg, 12/05/09 12:40 AM

I love the choice of Michaelle Jean along with Bill Clinton as special envoys to help Haiti rebuild. This is a good article Dark Knight and I thank you very much for bringing that to light. The humanitarian assistance... » »
Toulimen, 11/11/10 4:06 PM