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RE: The Importation of Alaskan Water In Haiti With Palin

You need to wake up, Palin went to buy property in Haiti so they can start owning a piece of the wealth that is about... more »

RE: Who wrote les 100 Versets Dechoucage in Haiti?

Dumaine, you are a true ignorant Haitian and an impostor too. You want to sell Haiti to the U.S. Christian... more »

RE: Haiti-Project Summer 2009

Mark, why did you write to the president on this blog; did you just want the rest of us to know that you are doing... more »


Lindo there is a level of pragmatism in response. As you know the situation in HAITI is paradoxical so you may expect... more »

RE: Haiti: A Divided Country With A New Divided Congress

I wish they could appoint someone real quick because the hurricane season is not far as you have said it. People... more »

1.15 billion US Aid for Haiti Goes to Bill Clinton by Stanley Lucas

$1.15 billion US Aid Package for Haiti Goes to the Clinton Global Initiative by Stanley Lucas For the... more »

RE: Good luck on their donation...too bad for the poor

Jean Pe, everything you said is absolutely true. It is the same every time. The government thieves will use this as an... more »

RE: elections v.s. rebuilding Haiti (Catch 22)

The international community has promised funds needed to rebuild Haiti, but they are withholding those funds until... more »

RE: Haiti Reconstruction

Mike, I just visited your website and I think it's a well done piece of art. However, I don't find it too user... more »

RE: Thing every Haitian should know about the Americans

By reading this report posted by Leblanc one could understand why Haiti has been a political mess and chaos over the... more »