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I agree with you. They should not give them a dime. We should kick them out. » »
Lambert P. Calixte, 03/06/10 2:26 AM

Jean-Max is complaining because the international community refuses to give them the money they raised on behalf of the earthquake victims in Haiti.I am glad that they do not give one dime of this money to the Haitian... » »
Jocelyne K Lebrun, 03/05/10 11:45 PM

why to get the NGOs out of Haiti. Remember the were in Haiti before Preval find out there was an earthquake in Haiti. Haiti does not pay the «ngos. What is your probleme. » »
Dette, 04/17/11 7:08 PM

American Eugenicists and Geneticists believe that Haitians deem genecally unfit to reproduce and therefore they should be killed through cholera and other diseases in Haiti. Through the Red Cross and several NGOs... » »
Joubert, 04/15/11 10:12 PM

As Mr Pierre Leger explains it in his last interview given to Radio Metropole, Haiti is the Paradise for those Charognards De L'Humanite as known as NGOs. The word charogne or charognard can be translated in English as... » »
Toulimen, 02/24/11 1:15 PM

Good Job Richelle, MINUSTAH and The CHAROGNARDS NGOs are in Haiti per the Conservative Elites of Haiti. The Republican Elites of Haiti will always call those outside dogs to invade Haiti. They never work a framework to... » »
Toulimen, 02/26/11 3:45 PM

Touliman, I don't think any new president is strong enough to deal with the CIA. He might have to ignore them for now, and go about the task or dealing first with the NGO's. Right now, they are the main impediment to... » »
Linda, 04/11/11 3:34 PM

This is Ablerooster. This is my last post by this alias, because Petrus impersonated me in msg. # 152 of "The Forgotten Black Bourgeosie." A few have mentioned in past topics the fact that so-called "Christian NGOs... » »
Ablerooster, 02/15/11 3:13 PM

Aristide did not preach violence. If you believe in reality then you will read his speeches were he talks about peace and he followed through on this. Aristide's government had almost all of its money lost with the... » »
Kenbe, 07/02/08 6:42 AM

Hey Jojo, I actually agree with you on this. There is lots of evidence (documents after documents) that indicates that most of the funds that go into these oganizations never gets to the people. You know, as I just... » »
Linda, 04/26/08 4:59 PM