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You are a true asshole. You are blaming people to make do of jobs that are available to them. They are doing a noble job. That is more I can say for you, Legagneur. Brian G. » »
Brian Guernsey, 06/29/10 9:38 PM

Linda, Like I said before, Haitians have an amazing facination with old people and that is why the government is nothing but a nursing home institution run only by a bunch of old people with rotten brain, brain... » »
Tiba, 03/19/11 9:14 PM

I want to be clear I am not promoting Préval,because, I have yet to understand what he is doing. However,I can tell you of a few programs that are ongoing.They have a program called Program of Appeasement Social... » »
Jolibois Selondieu, 01/30/07 1:49 PM

Those ambassadors aren't doing their jobs because the president is not doing his as a commander head of State. » »
Breake The Ice, 03/21/09 1:30 PM

Yes, Claude. Mr Rosenberg needs to shorten his post. That is not a dictate, but an advice. He can do whatever he wants, but a short post is a very effective way to let your message out. Claude and Rosenberg, be ready... » »
Fadh, 02/21/08 8:16 AM

Please explain! I want to help the Haitians!!! » »
Amy, 07/12/09 9:20 AM

It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they thought that they would be the only ones using this system to create jobs in their country. They were the ones financing Mirelande's campaign against... » »
Toulimen, 04/07/11 9:05 PM

The 5 richest Haitian KKK families in Haiti are trying to block some IPs that try to voice any opinion against the Haitian Bourgeoisie in Haiti.As Baker stated it during his failed political campaign, the Haitian... » »
Samba, 02/15/11 12:47 PM

As usual Mr. Trebu, your comment is constructive and very diagnostic. And Nate is right in stressing the significance of a stable economy where inflation is controlled. To do that we must promote the production and... » »
Mark, 01/10/07 4:20 PM

Our candidate, Charles Henry Baker, is a man of incomparable integrity and great personal strenght. He still beleives there are real solutions to the nation current situation. With his exceptional leadership and his... » »
Marie-denise Jean-francoi, 11/28/10 1:31 AM