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I hope all is well with you young brother and base on your words I know you don't care about how I'm doing. How are you? HOW DO YOU CREATES JOBS? The question of the day! That's a question the Haitian people should... » »
Jean Batiste, 01/28/07 1:15 PM

Ou bezwen jobs, Se Martelly ki genyen, al lave bouboune Elsie » »
Jack, 04/03/11 11:14 PM

Linda, I think your psychic intuitions were right. You are not a psychic or clairvoyant, are you? Lol, just kidding! Well, the sad thing about this deal is that Haitians are so greedy for cash, their brain left them in... » »
Tiba, 09/26/08 6:11 AM

I am calling all Haitians of Goodwill to call for drastic reforms so we can return to our motherland. The administration of Haiti must leave after the end of Preval's term. A new provisional government should take over... » »
Dejoie L. P., 01/31/10 10:02 PM

I am going to cut your sister allowance effective this week end until you publicly tell me that you are sorry. I just informed her about my decision. Now her financial burden is on you. » »
Pay, 07/13/10 6:43 PM

Stanley, I will assume that's a joke. Some one is using your name on this blog. China is not a developing Country. Did you know that America is heavily in debt with China? They practically owned U.S. China is coming... » »
Bernadete S., 06/09/10 10:30 PM

Dr. Feel Bad, I know you're a self-appointed psychiatrist of the blog, and I'm cool with that. However, it looks like the time has come for you to see a shrink, lol. In what country one has to take a test in order to... » »
Tiba, 04/30/10 8:50 AM

Hello President PREVAL, May God Bless You and guide you to lead Haiti definitly in a prosper way, Peace, Jobs etc... Emmanuel » »
Emmanuel, 01/10/07 5:46 PM

I was listening on Michel radio talk show,your best,best friend, at 6 am in the morning, i never called the radios,but i'm always listening to them,a journalist who give news in direct from haiti said that,the general... » »
Jeanne Dorval, 11/06/08 10:39 AM

I love you Preval. But make sure you give some routes in North west and open port of moles st nicolas gook jobs » »
Joseph Nicolas, 11/30/06 3:56 PM