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you made a good point Linda. » »
Djakut, 09/30/08 10:38 PM

I will only stop when everyone stop making unfounded accusations. Most Haitians need to learn to support their arguments. Jean-Baptiste claimed that Aristide had sweep accounts, commited drug crimes etc. I want him to... » »
Jolibois Selondieu, 01/28/07 7:04 PM

Haiti's sovereignty must be understood and respected in all those negotiations that are taking place in Washington. Haiti cannot be colony or a territory of any imperial power or any former colonial nations. Bad... » »
Marleine S. Hypolite, 03/09/10 10:05 PM

hi my president rene preval,how you doing my name worlinsky louis,rene i realy love your work you done, i addor you like i do to president arristid, i miss him only i can tell you you to friendly with america you need... » »
Worlinsky, 07/22/09 2:59 PM

Mr rene preval, My name is jean-claude casseus, I am greeting you for the good jobs that you doing in haiti. » »
Jean-claude Casseus, 09/13/07 4:47 PM

Jacques Bouchereau, 09/24/08 1:21 AM

I understand they just turned you down for a waitress job because you are close to 60 y/o,too short,albinos beside being a M- » »
Get Even, 07/12/10 1:55 PM

We are looking for a few good men and women that have allegiance to US. » »
Good Christians Brigade, 04/24/11 6:08 PM

It is about time that we start thinking realistically about Haiti and its reconstruction. Let us face it, everything Haiti needs CANNOT be put in place in five years. With great efforts, an introduction to public... » »
Marcy Paul, 11/07/10 4:00 PM

We should engage in an education campaign like the Beninese people in Benin. We should motivate all Haitians toward unity and create laws to prosecute criminals and divisions among us and once the CIA agents see us... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/02/11 7:38 PM