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Boycotting the Bourgeoisie will not mean a lot unless you can back it up with some muscles...You people don't know what to do so anything goes. Your best bet would have been to NEGOTIATE with your leaders. If they are... » »
Marjorie Middy, 02/05/11 9:58 PM

You said it all and I agree with you at 500% that Rich Haitians are American Maid. They will never get kidnapped because the kidnapping is an organized crime to keep Haitian Diaspora out and to discourage Haitians in... » »
Toulimen, 02/21/11 12:28 PM

The following persons are professional hAsskissers,acheteur de figures,ti sou sou,flatteurs and want to jump in Sweet Micky band wagon as soon as possible for jobs Tiba, Jean-pe, Linda, Middy, Joubert, Toulumin... » »
Koodecaf Rettiwt, 04/04/11 11:34 PM

On the contrary, I believe segragation in the U.S. would make U.S. a much better country, such as there would not be much racist as there are now. For example, you can use me as someone who has not worked for two years... » »
Jean Pe, 12/31/09 4:09 PM

Hola Linda I meant to control those bidonvilles, to limit their movements at night to prevent criminals from causing more insecurity. Neighborhood associations patrolling their own areas might help. You do have some... » »
Lionne2, 01/23/08 4:08 PM

I have an idea I've polled extensively, which has never had a negative response from those polled. It will provide thousands of Haitians with good paying jobs and provide a tremendous boost for the Haitian economy. It... » »
Rich Carli, 03/18/08 1:00 PM

Let's go bowling Rene Preval. Let's go play basket ball Rene Preval. If you are president Rene Preval you should a be a role model. Here are a few things Rene preval people need: Water, food, health care, education and... » »
Garry Destin, 09/10/08 9:25 PM

Once again, Mrs. Manigat proves that she cannot lead Haiti in the days ahead. Economically speaking, she is not connected with any private sector or international corporations. She cannot help move Haiti forward. Her... » »
Joubert, 03/10/11 9:49 AM

Mr. Preval, I want to first congratulate you for your willingness to sacrifice so much to run for the presidency and tackle one of the most difficult jobs in the world... I tell my kids about the country I grew up in... » »
Jean Thomas, 08/16/08 10:12 PM

Hola Djakut Japan is the only country in the world that was attacked by atomic bombs. They were able to triumph despite such tragedy. The government cooperated with the private sector. In Haiti the government is... » »
Flo, 11/27/07 11:22 PM