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Mr president, I like you very much as our cormander in chief. I hope that you find a way to create jobs for the population, without that the country will never have any peace. Thank you Sincerily Anel Calixte » »
Anel Calixte, 02/05/07 8:06 PM

It is sad to hear that the Haitian elites want all Haitians who are living in the diaspora to live outside of Haiti forever. They just want us as visitors and not as Haitian citizens. How can we have a better life... » »
Toulimen, 02/16/11 4:02 PM

Your true color, as far as an MBA you do not have one. If you did, you would create jobs not looking for one. Your statement came back to my earlier point, you have no imagination, you have nothing to offer to haiti... » »
Jolibois Selondieu, 12/29/06 10:04 AM

I do know what I am talking about but a lot of it is classified (secret) and I can't go into full detail. While the old military may not be perfect they are needed. We can't just say we are going to start doing away... » »
Earl Wheby Jr, 10/21/09 4:53 PM

You are living in the United States, but it seems that you do not understand how the U.S. government operates. The U.S. government market share is 5% and the private sector owns 95% of the market. Does that make the... » »
Anonymous, 11/17/10 11:42 PM

Mr. President Preval, you are the only man that could change Haiti tomorrow. Haiti is in your hand and takes good care of it. It not an easy jobs but together we will make it happen. NYPH Officer L. Dhaiti » »
L. Dhaiti, 05/11/06 9:47 PM

None of my sisters will come by you, trust me. Furthermore, as I said stay away or your ass will be kicked for real. Everything that I said and more will be revealed pretty soon if you don't stop your bullshit... » »
Pay Back2, 07/13/10 5:59 PM

Ungrateful, if we did not exist in Haiti your fellow brothers would die already. How many jobs did you create in Haiti? Who knows you in Haiti? Why bother? Shame is on your face... » »
A. L. Brown, 02/14/10 1:03 AM

Everything you said about me and my night job are accurate. I don't know how you find out about that or you have made a wild and lucky guess. However, you failed to mention or don't know yet that the money keeps your... » »
Pay, 07/13/10 5:45 PM

Have you forgotten that we are experiencing over 12% of unemployment and we are in a very economic slump right now. You need to read the woes of the economic pulse of America. Please let us not follow a system blindly... » »
Rose L, 03/02/11 8:50 PM