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The stories out of Haiti are grim. Some claim that the government of Haiti has a policy of keeping the people hungry and still hoping (Espoir) so they can get their votes. Its their power base. If that is true someone... » »
Lucien Papillon, 04/05/08 6:37 PM

Haiti often comes across as one of the most wretched and hopeless places on the planet. But that is not the complete picture and the way out of the multiple crises the country faces is much simpler and less expensive... » »
Greg Peters, 09/30/08 3:45 PM

world 10 worst managed economy Do not worry thanks to Preval haiti made the listGhana has the world's largest manmade lake and the 1-gigawatt Aksombo Hydroelectric Plant, built to supply electricity to Africa's largest... » »
Antonioj, 06/12/10 4:40 PM

Debt keeps Third World Countries under control. They make them dependent on aid (like Haiti), loan reschedulings, and debt rollovers to survive and develop. They are forced to restructure their economies and rewrite... » »
Lionne Club, 01/08/08 3:35 PM

The UN Security Council on Tuesday pledged renewed support to the Haitian government and the UN mission in Haiti as the Caribbean nation grappled with mounting protests against rising prices and rampant poverty. The... » »
Claude, 04/08/08 5:32 PM

Dear President Preval, There are THOUSANDS of FEMA trailers up for auction in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for fire sale prices. Our government purchased 400,000 trailers to house people after Hurricane Katrina... » »
Polly, 01/28/10 12:18 PM

If one wishes to learn history from other sources than the incorrect propaganda, one must use multiple sources all from different perspectives, not just ONE DVD. Aristide was definatley NOT the smartest president we... » »
Brother L.k., 08/03/07 2:15 PM

Hip-hop star Wyclef Jean launches Haiti aid drive 11 hours ago NEW YORK (AFP) -- Haitian-born hip-hop star Wyclef Jean has launched a campaign to help his impoverished native country cope with a food crisis that... » »
Will Rosenberg, 05/22/08 12:16 AM

J'ajouterais aussi au développement de l'aquaculture(ie.les homards, des crevettes pour les exportations) et de la pisciculture, et la culture d'agneau, des fermes d'autruche et des fermes de lapins. Les lapins... » »
Lalionne, 04/14/08 2:44 PM

All the ports should be opened and eliminate Ports fees for a while. The people cannot wait for the economy to get better it might take 50 years. It's time to change strategy altogether. Produce a Superior Rice like... » »
Claudy, 04/13/08 10:15 PM