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SAINT DOMINGO. - Dominican Rice is being introduced of contraband in Haiti making use of the difference of prices that turns out to be favorable for the Haitians, there revealed yesterday businessmen dedicated to the... » »
Jojo, 04/25/08 5:45 PM

O.K. thanks for this information and you could be correct as I am not in a position to argue with you on these points because it has been so long since I was last in Haiti. Let me inform you or whoever it was that made... » »
Earl Wheby Jr, 11/16/09 2:31 PM

Up to three million people risk starvation in Haiti following back-to-back storms that have wiped out large swathes of agriculture, an aid agency has warned. Aid workers fear the devastation could also spark more... » »
News About Haiti, 09/25/08 3:47 PM

My question is why the mining of Gold in Haiti should be such quiet matter? Why isn't the government show it's plan on what the degociations intail. The Gold inductry is almost equal to the oil industry due to the... » »
Louinel Jean, 03/25/08 9:25 PM

Haitian president calls for tax cuts on imported food to end food riots The Associated Press Wednesday, April 9, 2008 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Haiti's president tried to halt a week of rioting Wednesday by calling for... » »
Associated Press, 04/09/08 4:46 PM

Diaspora key to Haiti's future.July 18, 2008 ISSUE: USAID includes Haitian-Americans in plan to aid Haiti. The Haitian diaspora has long been viewed as a potential answer to Haiti's woes. Many who left the struggling... » »
Will Rosenberg, 07/18/08 2:15 AM

Haiti protestors demand return of Aristide Port-au-Prince - Hundreds of protestors in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince demanded the return of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The crowd of mostly teenagers... » »
Will Rosenberg, 07/17/08 10:30 PM

Do Haitians want a failed state in 2009? Haiti is in chaos; the people are poor; food prices are high; 70% of the population are unemployed;the island is unstable. However, its a known fact that Haiti has been a failed... » »
Voice Of The People, 05/01/09 6:16 PM

Whoever said on this blog there were no port taxes on imports is a lier because President Preval clearly stated on his speech part 1 and part 2 as he appealed for calm that he was unable to lower the taxes on food... » »
Lionne2, 04/11/08 2:38 AM

This html Article about Aristide states: "The misappropriated funds were frequently diverted and laundered through fictitious companies, established for this purpose by Aristide and his accomplices, both in Haiti and... » »
Lionne2, 04/21/08 10:57 PM