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Unfortunately, if you increase the minimum wage, the prices of the products sold in turn will increase. Why? As production costs increase, so does the product cost. This is not to say that this is not a good idea in... » »
Luciane Beaujolie, 04/04/08 7:44 PM

(CNN) -- The World Food Programme on Monday appealed to the international community for money to support its operations in Haiti, where at least four people have died during two days of rioting over the price of food... » »
Claude, 04/08/08 5:36 PM

Haiti not descending into instability says minister Reuters | Wednesday, 09 April 2008 CLICK HERE:UN: Food costs threaten Haiti stability CLICK HERE:1 Killed in Haiti Food Protests Tuesday April 8, 7:59 am ET By... » »
La Lionne, 04/08/08 5:50 PM

Aristide should give back to Haiti the 500millions in dollars that he stole from the people. Preval stopped a court case against Aristide in Miami Florida. Why is he talking in terms of gourdes while Haiti needs... » »
M. Lazarus, 04/11/08 12:34 PM

To Read About Following Subject Rice imports Prices of imported rice Continuing rice production Sugar Sugar imports Continuing sugar production Livestock Chicken production /Chicken imports/Continuing livestock... » »
Lionne, 04/24/08 7:21 PM

It does not make sense that Haitian parliementarians say anything about the hicking price of food in Haiti. They have no capacity to find proper strategy to help the government find solution to help the people face... » »
Louinel, 04/01/08 5:11 PM

Good Job - Haiti Very impressed Haiti, very impressed! It is certainly a great step taken by the government of Haiti to allow another carrier on the JFK-PAP-JFK route. It's was long overdue that we have some... » »
Monclas Noel, 02/10/09 4:40 PM

RIZ BASMATI ET AUTRE RIZ Le riz basmati est l'un des riz les plus connus et les plus appréciés. D'une texture et d'une saveur légères et parfumées, ses grains ont un arôme proche de la... » »
Claudy, 04/14/08 12:04 AM

As explained above, Haiti's tariff levels have been substantially reduced and a simplified tariff structure set up. All quantitative restrictions on agricultural imports have been lifted. As a result, agricultural... » »
Lionne, 04/24/08 6:58 PM

Hello, Happy new year, We like to tell you that, Atiran Sanat Company, with more than a quarter century of experiences in the field of producing of oil and electrical heaters in Iran, is ready to work with you. It is... » »
Khalkhali Mohammad, 01/14/10 1:05 AM