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hey with all my respect im a haitian and all my family lives in haiti and everybody is suffering cause the food prices are so high and nobody is following the laws so why arent you trying to do anything about that and... » »
Haitian Prince, 08/21/08 11:34 PM

I had a bad dream last night that Renee Preval etait Toussaint Louverture that came back but the people did not recognize him. After he left a New Desaaline took over and started dictating and killing the people who... » »
Soeurlalue, 04/13/08 8:42 PM

Les actualités:Dimanche 27 Avril 2008. Haiti on Sunday named a new prime minister two weeks after his predecessor was ousted over rocketing food and fuel prices that sparked violent demonstrations claiming several... » »
Lionne Club, 04/27/08 7:46 PM

Haiti Doesn't Need These Jobs: Stanley Lucas' response to Robert Maguire October 1, 2008As a champion of Haiti -- and a Haitian -- I find Robert Maguire's letter to the Washington Postsomewhat of a waste of space and... » »
Joseph Jasmin, 01/29/10 2:30 PM

With all the respect i have for you Mr President,Our people,the Haitian people put you in power, that means you've been elected to take control of our country, including prices of food,safety of my brothers and... » »
Jacques Alex Minuty, 04/13/08 9:26 AM

Tax high all importations of foods and control the customs' activities through good governance to generate revenues as proposed by Jynnee. One dollar per $100 spent from the Diaspora is nothing and those blood suckers... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 04/27/11 12:19 AM

Haitian senate ratifies candidate for prime minister. Wed May 7, 2008 11:45pm EDT By Joseph Guyler Delva PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Haiti took a step toward installing a new government on Wednesday as the Senate... » »
Hispanolayosoy, 05/08/08 9:55 AM

It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they thought that they would be the only ones using this system to create jobs in their country. They were the ones financing Mirelande's campaign against... » »
Toulimen, 04/07/11 9:05 PM

AH AH AH AH! LOL! That's right! George Bush deserves it. What a piece of "S" that guy is. Americans businessmen are shrewd negotiators, they could have gotten the petroleum really cheap and the quantity they wanted... » »
Lalione, 06/10/08 3:25 PM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti Apr 9, 2008 Haitian President's Calls for Tax Cuts Fails to Halt Violence and Looting Over Food Prices.ORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- A desperate appeal from the president Wednesday failed to restore... » »
Claudy, 04/09/08 8:50 PM