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High Food prices: Produce more corn and Potatoes locally and import less food. Since rice is so expensive Haitians could eat more corn and potatoes and sweet potatoes and yanms. They are much more healthier than rice... » »
Jacques Cadet, 04/01/08 1:12 PM

Haiti's President Tries to Halt Crisis Over Food The police in Haiti struggled Wednesday to control looting and rioting over high food prices as President René Préval issued a sharp call for an end to the... » »
Claude, 04/10/08 7:13 PM

HITI NEWS; April 8, 2008 Violent protests against soaring food prices are not going to tip Haiti back into the political instability that has haunted it for decades, the Caribbean country's finance minister has said... » »
Claude, 04/08/08 5:41 PM

I've read and also watched on T.V how Haitians try to storm the National Palace because of food prices and other inconveniences.That is illegal and therefore criminal.Haiti can never be stable unless it has a stable... » »
Charles N. Philippe-auguste, 04/09/08 3:02 PM

The links in connection with the following article was missing:Why this worker has to wear a glove a glove in order to take picture with a Haitian child? Re they trying to show that Haitians are contaminated with... » »
Antoniothrasybule Kebreau, 12/24/10 9:11 PM

Open message to all Haitian political leaders. Please do me a favor This is not the kind of news I want to read about Haiti "Around the world Detroit Free Press, United States Hungry people stormed the presidential... » »
1 6 3 1, 04/09/08 2:17 PM

Calm settles over Haiti's capital: PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - U.N. peacekeepers removed barbed-wire barricades around the presidential palace and some businesses reopened Thursday as an uneasy calm settled over Haiti's... » »
Claude, 04/10/08 6:34 PM

Faced with skyrocketing food prices, Haiti's Telemax had a great debate about "Zafe Diri an Haiti" (The rice crisis in Haiti), see what happens rice sent in Haiti for distribution, is it food for the poor or food for... » »
Just For Fun, 02/05/09 6:26 PM

Where did you get your degree in economic? Friend, when inflationary pressure is lowered, it does not still in only one sector of the economy, it reveberates throughout. You are partly correct in stating that it is due... » »
Jack Of All Trade, 02/28/07 1:00 AM

I was very clear and blunt with my response. Basic necessities are not produce by Haitians, How can you control prices for something that you do not produce? Haiti could have a monetary policy capable of boosting the... » »
Jolibois Selondieu, 01/09/07 9:56 AM