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It so easy to get negative and put somebody else down. i share my qualification because if he needed me to help so he knows what to expect.you might think i am a useless bragger. what you did not know i was in la... » »
Kenson, 10/08/09 7:13 PM

Haiti cannot feed its own people, cannot educate its own children, cannot afford health care for its people. Cannot afford garbage processing plants. Cannot afford new roads. Cannot afford Electricity plants.Cannot... » »
Flo, 12/13/07 8:22 PM

My apology. I do get a bit upset when Haitians talk as if poor Haitians are a bunch of wild and hungry dogs that need to fed or else. The Haitian people that I know of want to be educated, the people want work, not a... » »
Rubens F. Titus, 01/30/08 7:54 PM

I agree with you. we need to have EDH independently work from the govenment. So it can become a real business. The owners will deliver power for money. That is what we call money exchange in economy. I buy your goods... » »
Sousbery Colin, 01/30/08 10:09 AM

my name is HEROLD ROBERT i was born in PORT-AU PRINCE,HAITI.now i'm living in CONNECTICUT,USA.instead of comment,my question to Mr.PREVAL is why since the fall of DUVALIERS,none of the government that had passed... » »
Herold Robert, 10/23/06 8:41 PM

my name is robenson i livin in tukrs in caicos island where the dont love haitien i like wat u whote becuz haiti need electricity i realy want to go back home to havin crusade but nottin work i kown GOD will help me so... » »
Robinson, 09/01/07 6:03 PM

Codo; What President Preval or any other president is expected to do is to lead. The first job of a true leader is to put in place the people and the mechanism that will make the country work. It is not about him doing... » »
Linda, 11/07/07 11:41 AM

I think you have a good Idea, however I think there are some very important prereqsite that has to be satisfied.such as personal safety and security,food pruduction (farming) There by minimizing dependecy on food... » »
Edzo, 02/04/08 11:59 PM

There is a Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida campus in Cocoa. I was researching some home solar energy ideas a few years back, and they are a good resource in that area. I will check what I can... » »
Michael Shimer, 10/21/09 2:04 AM

I totally agree with you. I'm a student at a college in NJ. I ran across several haitians refusing to speak creole saying that they are Dominicans. This makes me sick, if they knew their history they would be proud to... » »
Marcda, 11/06/07 7:50 PM