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There are something essential for a developped country:road,electricity,health,education,security,food etc.so,people need to be taxed to be afford of these things for exemple you can borrow money some where and build... » »
Theard Elficasse, 04/05/07 10:21 PM

Well Lionne, Haiti needs to start somewhere, We've got an airport that brings money, we've got a shipping yard that makes money, we've got a motor vehicle department that makes money, we've got a department of... » »
Christian Jr Mcnally, 01/24/08 11:20 PM

Hola Linda: I understand your point, but I can't talk, because I am a hell cat sometimes, and I have a tendency to tell people off, just to have the last word. But I am learning from everybody. My sister did not help... » »
Lionne, 01/30/08 3:06 PM

What is the Presdent going to do as far as making Haiti safer and secure for those who would like to return and live there? Establish a free education process to the poor who wants an education but are not able to... » »
Gerard M Laurent, 03/24/09 1:15 AM

The King is coming to bring tourist in Haiti; he is giving general amnisty and electricity. the king is coming to restructure the whole justice system, the education, healthcare; create jobs and resolve the problem... » »
Dom Laj Pase Laye, 02/18/09 5:28 PM

hey president preval how are u doing my name is almando remedor im a 21 years old i was born in lagonave i was just want to ask y can we have electricity in lagonave by the way u doing a pretty nice job with the... » »
Lilzoe, 09/14/07 3:18 AM

You saw change when you were in Haiti last month... Hhmmm... Did you see electricity? Did you see less kidnapping? More jobs? Better roads? Less hunger? decentralization? more trees? more tourists? less trash in the... » »
Rintintin, 08/18/08 2:33 PM

What a fool. Can you tell the last president that provided electricity to the capital 24/7? I gather the only way that Pres. Preval could demonstrate that he is "competent president" would be if he whipped out his... » »
Jacques Of All Trade, 02/24/07 10:52 PM

hi my name is Eder,i have a question concerning electricy in haiti. Is there any plans or have the gorvenment talk about solving this delema.If you look at it every good country has electricy cause thats one of the... » »
Eder Pirncival, 03/13/07 11:17 AM

This is good positive post and if more people in Haiti had this attitude change would come and Haiti would have better standard of living. The best reason to get rid of voodo is that years ago Haiti was winning war... » »
Earl, 06/29/09 8:20 PM