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RE: Rene Preval: The Uncontestable Record of Achievements

Question? excuse me Question? Does Tiba own a dog? They say that he is so poor that he manages to steal dog food. He... more »


I'm agree with you some how,I was born in 1980 in Gonaives,Grew up in christoph street,it was clean,we were seldom... more »

Here's my plan for the rescue effort in P-A-P!!!

Whether we like it or not, the rescue mission on the ground in P-A-P needs all the space necessary to do their work... more »

about EDH in Haiti today

So good morning to you and to the others who with you in the room,so this is inform you about what we should do in... more »

RE: Electricity for the republic of Haiti

Hi,solar power is mad expensive. Wind power requires huge amount of space. Haiti is only 27 thousands square miles... more »

I can't believe that happen in the hospital of hai

I was listening on Michel radio talk show,your best,best friend, at 6 am in the morning, i never called the radios,but... more »

The most competent poster

I expected the type of responses with so much emotion. Your respond has confirmed the typical Haitian rational mind... more »

RE: Bill Clinton and Wyclef Visit Haiti

i hope hi d'ont go 2 haiti 4 noting,i love 4 somebady 2do someting about electricity and hard life in haiti.last... more »

RE: Qualified Teachers or Electricity for the mass

I think you're right on this Rubens. If history is testimony to reality than the poor of Haiti will not benefit from... more »

RE: Interim Reconstruction:Strengthening or Undermining Haiti? by Stanley Lucas

world 10 worst managed economy Do not worry thanks to Preval haiti made the list yahoo.com Ghana has the world's... more »