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Actually Tiba; Haiti has only lived in the dark ages since Aristide and Preval. Before the mid 1980s Haitians had electricity all day and night. » »
Linda, 12/18/08 2:34 PM

Will Rosenberg, My bad! very well said. I agree with you 250% there are many other things that we, Haitians, can engage ourselves of doing in Haiti Thomas, or better yet, Haiti quisqueya or bohio. » »
Tiba, 07/15/08 7:48 PM

Rubens, it is a cop-out to start attacking people just because they don't agree with you. Stating that Robert and I don't know Haiti as well as you do just because we have a different opinion than you on what she needs... » »
Linda, 01/30/08 12:11 AM

they would not alow you to the rather kill you then to do good things like that do you really believe that the goverment dont have money to produce eletricity come on haiti makes at least 31million dollar a day on... » »
Mike, 07/13/08 11:21 PM

The Preval Goverment has a detailed planning of improvements for Haiti. The plans where done by Haitian Economists and with the help of the International Community. They have plans to create agriculture, aquaculture... » »
Greg Peters, 08/04/08 1:20 PM

What is the Presdent going to do as far as making Haiti safer and secure for those who would like to return and live there? Establish a free education process to the poor who wants an education but are not able to... » »
Gerard M Laurent, 03/24/09 1:10 AM

please give us what we need we knomns you can security to the haitain peoples water, electricity,raod,and a strong arm force that could help save haiti » »
Makenson Metayer, 06/02/08 11:57 PM

As the new year started, it is wise to analyze how far we have come since the actual government took power. a) Jobs creation. Unable to attract investors from the West, the government has turned to investors in the... » »
Max Johnson Fgb, 01/07/08 11:36 AM

Rev. Wilkesse Dorcinvil Reverand, no disrespect, but last time I chacked those so-called pastors/minister/reverands were the biggest beneficiaries of Haiti's misery and calaminy. These people are the ones who go around... » »
Tiba, 06/17/09 2:16 PM

thanks, I am planning on going to Haiti in December. there is an American electrician whose helping me and he plans on going to the island with me in December to do some planning. let me know anything you find. i will... » »
Kenson, 10/21/09 7:04 PM