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RE: water and sanitation project in Haiti

Actually Tiba; Haiti has only lived in the dark ages since Aristide and Preval. Before the mid 1980s Haitians had... more »

RE: Electricity In Haiti

Will Rosenberg, My bad! very well said. I agree with you 250% there are many other things that we, Haitians, can... more »

RE: Qualified Teachers or Electricity for the mass

Rubens, it is a cop-out to start attacking people just because they don't agree with you. Stating that Robert and I... more »

RE: Electricity In Haiti

they would not alow you to the rather kill you then to do good things like that do you really believe that the... more »

Ministere de la Planification Projets pour Haiti

The Preval Goverment has a detailed planning of improvements for Haiti. The plans where done by Haitian Economists and... more »

CHANGES are well overdue

What is the Presdent going to do as far as making Haiti safer and secure for those who would like to return and live... more »


please give us what we need we knomns you can security to the haitain peoples water, electricity,raod,and a strong arm... more »

The government's second report card

As the new year started, it is wise to analyze how far we have come since the actual government took power. a) Jobs... more »

RE: why not all well educated haitians get back to Hai

Rev. Wilkesse Dorcinvil Reverand, no disrespect, but last time I chacked those so-called pastors/minister/reverands... more »

RE: electricity and water for la tortue

thanks, I am planning on going to Haiti in December. there is an American electrician whose helping me and he plans on... more »