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Over 200 years of "restez avec"...We are not Jamaica. Did you know that Boukman who started the haitian revolution was jamaican,i was in the beautifull island of Jamaica,last year,i was surprised of their brotherhood... » »
Llyod Benneth Le Bourru, 07/30/07 7:27 PM

T. You would have had an argument if the bottled water were coming from New York, Pennsylvania or Colorado.But Alaska has good unpolluted water.Palin was right, that was quick thinking or her part...Water was the most... » »
Marjorie Middy, 02/20/11 7:56 PM

Who are these private sectors? What kind of deal the Haitian governments have with them why people in Haiti still suffer for getting electricity, and what exactly they did with their money » »
Haitimoderndreamer, 01/23/09 2:12 PM

Dear President Preval, We have a clinic in Juampas, Haiti between Belledere and Lascohabos. Zanmi Lasante helps get us medications which we pay for. The clinic is called MT Carroll Clinique de Juampas.We service... » »
Marline Olivier, 06/22/08 10:42 AM

Tom; I don't know if I agreed with everything you said, but your statement, "Profit is not a dirty word of and by itself, reptilian exploitation is another matter," is right on point. I could not have said it better... » »
Linda, 02/01/09 5:52 PM

With what money Monsieur Rubens Titus? Will you create a non profit organization in the United Stated designed to collect the necessary funds to allocate to such projects? » »
Maurice, 01/29/08 7:53 PM

mr president you are doing a great job and i m so proud of you. please we need electricity in gros-morne and alsphat. » »
Edlvoer, 09/07/07 10:12 PM

Mr. Whalen, I just found your post today and would like to discuss your idea of wind turbine use in Haiti. Please contact me at witigo at gmail.com. Thanks! K R » »
K R, 07/30/09 9:20 AM

Lake Peligre is the second largest lake in Haiti, and is located in the Centre Department. It was created as a result of the construction of the Peligre Hydroelectric Dam on the Artibonite River in 1956-1957. Lake... » »
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 03/25/08 11:50 PM

Haiti Needs Roads. Street address and zip codes.Also a law needs to be enforce on fishing. Tax the street merchants so that we can have money to do things for the country » »
Georges Laguerre, 10/23/06 12:38 PM