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god, it s a shame that i have so many friends and coworkers who would love to visit Haiti someday, and i am afraid to yet bring them there because of all the things i have heard from friends that have been there... » »
Francois, 08/11/07 1:37 AM

I understand the pain that is crossing your veins, you arteries up to your heart my friend. I found myself in a similar situation while I was in a public truck at port au price about 10 years ago. I intervened between... » »
Jean-esdrace Germain Charles, 03/28/09 10:15 PM

Rubens, I never said that what was going with the electricity was a good thing. I was just stating some facts. As for the phone system, you are wrong. Only Haitians who have wealth have phones that actually work.And I... » »
Linda, 01/29/08 11:50 PM

It's amazing to read so many crap on here from people who seem to be asking favor from Preval. This is to prove my point all along. The real problem of Haiti has always been "Incompetence and mediocrity" of those who... » »
Bwakajou, 01/18/07 8:26 AM

PLEASE LISTEN TO Hillary Clinton's speach of 21 minutes. The best part is at about 75% of the way through it when she speaks about 501c3 (charitable) organizations, their impact; the impact of Haitian Americans in all... » »
From Merritt Via Email, 04/19/09 2:07 PM

Since I am so busy worrying about my own biz now, I haven't had time to focus. It seems you guys are talking about some serious things now. JS, perhaps, was not the one I thought he was because when he came out he was... » »
Ayisyen Patriyot, 01/09/07 11:31 PM

Hello old blogger friend........................................................... » »
Linda, 01/30/08 4:17 PM

I was pleased the other day to see someone mentioning the responsability that our representative abroad must assume towards our Country. I was in Germany recently and was talking to a group of engineering studentin... » »
Move Zanj, 08/05/07 12:40 AM

Cher compatriote...I wasn't trying to congratulate the president,i couldn't because i hardly know the man.However,im a proud haitian who's willing to try anything and everything to help my country to become a peacefull... » »
Fritz Guerrier, 02/26/07 11:15 PM

RFT, the point you are making is exactly what I was trying to say to the blog from the Haitian C of Commerce. You said: "Why does it always have to be a foreign sponsored plan? Support your own." All Haitians should... » »
Linda, 02/01/09 7:14 PM