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what a shame

god, it s a shame that i have so many friends and coworkers who would love to visit Haiti someday, and i am afraid to... more »

RE: CHANGES are well overdue

I understand the pain that is crossing your veins, you arteries up to your heart my friend. I found myself in a... more »

RE: Qualified Teachers or Electricity for the mass

Rubens, I never said that what was going with the electricity was a good thing. I was just stating some facts. As for... more »

You have got to be kidding me!

It's amazing to read so many crap on here from people who seem to be asking favor from Preval. This is to prove my... more »

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Speaks about Haiti

PLEASE LISTEN TO Hillary Clinton's speach of 21 minutes. The best part is at about 75% of the way through it when she... more »

Very serious conversations now: I like it

Since I am so busy worrying about my own biz now, I haven't had time to focus. It seems you guys are talking about... more »

RE: Qualified Teachers or Electricity for the mass

Hello old blogger friend........................................................... more »

Electricity and our diplomatic mission

I was pleased the other day to see someone mentioning the responsability that our representative abroad must assume... more »

it's time to act

Cher compatriote...I wasn't trying to congratulate the president,i couldn't because i hardly know the man.However,im a... more »

RE: Electricity In Haiti

RFT, the point you are making is exactly what I was trying to say to the blog from the Haitian C of Commerce. You... more »