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President Rene Precal mentioned in a recent speech that work is being done in Peligre. and when that work is completed, eletricity will be cheaper and more abundant in Haiti. I don't remember if he said "work will be... » »
1 6 3 1, 01/29/08 10:24 AM

Preval government is a corrupting government keep pushing the country backward if they can privatize the country electricity, port authority, and teleco this would be a plus for the country. If they can privatise this... » »
Haitimoderndreamer, 01/23/09 7:12 AM

Hi Lionne (hope I got it right this time). I actually posted a message that was similar to Ruben's point on wealth and oil. So I agreed with him on somethings. Robert and I disagreed with him on his statement that... » »
Linda, 01/30/08 2:54 PM

The GDP for Haiti in 2002 was 3.5 billion it has apparently increased to 4.8 billion in 2006. Yet Haiti has a garbage problem, a lack of electricity and a shortage of fresh running water. The President can build at... » »
Zemi, 11/03/07 3:22 PM

I hope that Haiti can stop depending on foreign oil to power its generators. I think the Haitian goverment should invest in green ways to produce electricity. For instance The Maglev WindMill is supposedly the most... » »
Phantom, 04/23/09 10:40 AM

Hi Bob, this topic concerned almost all Haitians since we all want the juice. Some cities outside of Port-au-Prince have a good supply of electricity sometimes when Edh is able to pay. The problem is that there is no... » »
Rft, 03/01/09 10:31 PM

When he was president in the past, he did the best he could with the little he had,and his work was obvious to many and it also was appreciated and applauded. Now that he is re-elected, i hope that everybody gives a... » »
Gregory, 03/31/06 10:56 AM

Mr.President,I am respectfully requesting that you provide the Haitian Customs in Port-au-Prince,Haiti with electricity and a manual typewriter. I am an Haitian American.My partner and I invested over $ 50,000.oo... » »
Dumorange, 12/17/06 2:10 AM

I just get so tired listening and watching Haitians going blindly and ridiculously naive and unintouched with Haiti's reality. How can a simple and perhaps poor Haitian civilian go to Haiti and undetake big... » »
Tiba, 07/15/08 6:13 PM

Are you kidding me? Inflation is like a cancer to an economy. Unless inflation is mediated, there will be no positive changes in the lives of haitians. If you were to offer roads, electricity and landlines to the... » »
Nate, 01/09/07 8:46 AM