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Rubens; I cannot believe that you actually said this. We are in the year 2007, and you want a problem as crucial as national electricity to be put on the back burner. The basic needs that have to be met for a modern... » »
Linda, 01/29/08 2:34 PM

I live in Boston,I love my country dearly.I'm always afraid to go.but this year I see a lot of people going there,and I see in news that the country is getting better I want to go too this year. but at least if the... » »
Flora, 08/03/07 10:41 AM

all in all, if I have to suggest,giving electricity should be absolutely a good ideas for some people who wanna open their own business. » »
Jime, 08/04/07 10:15 AM

haiti capital needed to have electricity 24 hrs 7 days allover not part of port au prince electricity will create night and day jobs more invesments security tourists industries less crime » »
Peter Estiverne, 04/21/08 4:33 AM

i am a master in energy saving.how can i help my country to get electricity 24/7 a week? i have a lot of experience electricity crisis.contact me,i will let u know how. » »
Wisler Louifaite, 06/21/08 10:18 PM

Linda, I did not say to put electricity on the back burner. I said to privatize electricity distribution while keeping electric generation state-owned. I am not putting it on the back burner. I am proposing an... » »
Rubens F. Titus, 01/29/08 9:08 PM

Rita Salomon, You said "Stop destroying each other, the man shown its commitement as a nationalist, Under the previous system no one could have change haiti we need change in the system, by building roads, electricity... » »
Tiba, 05/29/10 10:38 PM

Mr. President, We would like to help you with your electricity and water problem. We have the latest in Power generation, at the highest efficiency We also offer Power Purchase Agreements where the customers only pay... » »
Edmond Heraux, 04/13/08 2:01 AM

I just learn on a program on Radio Caraibes about this company called SOGENER in Haiti. EDH (Electicite D'Haiti) is paying SOGENER for something. I would love to know for what because there is no electrity in Haiti and... » »
Call Me Bob, 02/28/09 8:54 AM

Saurel, How are you going to bring technology to Haiti where there is no electricity? Isn't technology go together with electricity to power those equipments? » »
Tiba, 08/05/08 5:38 AM