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i can say what i see. haitian people need a break. all those people who died should not died in vain. let haiti built in peace. haitian people do not need a government to me that useless. for years haiti going... » »
Micheline Jean Pierre, 01/23/10 2:45 PM

i am sorry if I did not clarify myself,not for us to build the roads, and provide electricity. Let's get back on the right track, It is not our role as a citizen to do these things but if we have a better goverment... » »
Rita Salomon, 06/08/10 2:36 PM

It is a very well written piece of work.I would however differ with the list of priorities for Haiti. Security should be at the top of anyone's list. Jobs or the means to survive should be a close second. On the third... » »
Rintintin, 09/03/08 2:28 PM

We need to have a plan to first provide the people with the following: 1) Food and clear water, 2) Electricity. The food has to come from our soil ( Dig wells and around the wells trees will grow and gardens can... » »
Emil Jean-baptiste, 01/28/10 11:58 PM

Llyod,your ignorance does not cease to astound me. First of all I, like any other Haitian with a 2 cents education know that the famous Hougan Boukman was a Jamaican. But from that comment it is clear to me that you... » »
Brother L.k., 07/31/07 12:29 AM

hello i'm wildor out of atlanta ga a general contractor. i love haiti so much but, we need help. the help we need is that, we need to put the old people out of office and let young people run. the country cause haiti... » »
Wildor, 06/11/09 9:02 AM

You know, you are right on that! we avoid answering pertinent questions regarding our country and take great pleasure taking down each other; when the time is right, I will go to Haiti an open a trade school: mechanic... » »
Zarien, 07/21/08 3:15 AM

My name is Wilfrid Florestant. I writing you from Miami. I met with President Preval in 1997 at Club Med where I was a G.O. He is down-to-earth, and I am glad that I met him. However, I've been away from Haiti for... » »
Wilfrid Florestant, 08/06/06 12:14 AM

It's funny how we all here speak different languages just because we want to show off, meanwhile Haiti is still Haiti, nothing has change, people still being deported, and those without a job or a family name still... » »
Fabienne Laurent, 03/20/09 1:36 PM

Trebu Patriote; I don't know about others, but I have not forgotten what Duvalier, the father, did to many families in Haiti. My family lost family members to that regime, and many, including my parents, ended up in... » »
Linda, 08/04/09 6:57 PM