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RE: Rene Preval The Agronomist

i can say what i see. haitian people need a break. all those people who died should not died in vain. let haiti built... more »

RE: Another Alternative to change Haiti Saidel Laine

i am sorry if I did not clarify myself,not for us to build the roads, and provide electricity. Let's get back on the... more »

RE: Written by a well thought son of Haiti

It is a very well written piece of work.I would however differ with the list of priorities for Haiti. Security should... more »

What we need first

We need to have a plan to first provide the people with the following: 1) Food and clear water, 2) Electricity. The... more »

Llyod is STILL confused

Llyod,your ignorance does not cease to astound me. First of all I, like any other Haitian with a 2 cents education... more »

RE: Electricity In Haiti

hello i'm wildor out of atlanta ga a general contractor. i love haiti so much but, we need help. the help we need is... more »


You know, you are right on that! we avoid answering pertinent questions regarding our country and take great pleasure... more »

Concerns About Haiti My Very Poor Country

My name is Wilfrid Florestant. I writing you from Miami. I met with President Preval in 1997 at Club Med where I was a... more »

Hello to everybody here!

It's funny how we all here speak different languages just because we want to show off, meanwhile Haiti is still Haiti... more »

RE: The Duvaliers were wrong

Trebu Patriote; I don't know about others, but I have not forgotten what Duvalier, the father, did to many families in... more »