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Qui va proteger l'elite Haitienne si la MINUSTAH laisse? » »
Henry Pierre, 11/03/10 9:30 PM

Haiti is going through many problems. Issues that are important include education, free and fair elections, housing, access to credit, and reconstruction as a whole. What I would like to see is a series of debates... » »
Martha Mesidor, 07/26/10 9:31 AM

It will be a showdown presidential election but the Haitian masses will render their verdict. Borno, Lescot and Estime won elections on the Peasants' Plattform Campaigns. Peasants' Response never lost elections and how... » »
Toulimen, 01/27/11 4:23 PM

The way out is a compromise with all of the political party.The question How this process can be done? » »
Tony St Festin, 04/10/09 5:53 PM

are you ok. don't come to a haitian page disrespecting haitians. don't waste your precious time on beggars. » »
Toni, 02/21/10 4:49 PM

Hi Rene, Hope all is well. I know you have been very busy with everything that happened. However, I am hoping to get to catch up with you when everything settles down, perhaps after the elections. » »
Jacques Preval Jr., 11/23/10 9:36 PM

J'ai ecoutee l'analyse de Monsieur Stanley Lucas a la radio. Il a ete tre clair. Il a presente les trois scenarios suivants: Premier scenario de Stanley Lucas: Si Preval veut la stabilite politique il permet le... » »
Getrude Merilien, 09/03/10 3:20 PM

Published in the Haitian Times - Week of November 17 -23, 2010 What a year it has been for Haiti, 2010, that is. Early on, she was hit by Mother Nature in what is seen as the biggest tragedy in the Americas in recent... » »
Edrys Erisnor, 11/18/10 9:21 AM

The constitution said that after his mandate is expired another person should be elected as president. » »
Norma Leyis, 04/04/10 9:52 PM

The Haitians will be stupid to let that happen.Magloire is the best person to run Haiti. » »
Shabine Noel, 04/04/10 10:10 PM