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President Preval does not want democracy in Haiti. Instead, he wants to install a dictatorship regime where he and his team will continue to rule and confuse public wealth with their private wealth like they have done... » »
Jean Robert Pierre Louis, 07/01/10 2:25 PM

I am familiar to all three of those candidates and one of them is directly related to me as a cousin. Therefore, I have decided to be neutral on this race, for I love all three of them and I wish them good luck... » »
Toulimen, 08/05/10 8:35 PM

Elections: la conseillère Chérubin contestée dans le sud jeudi 2 septembre 2010, Un candidat à la députation dans la circonscription de Cayes/Ile à Vache, Frantz Thélusma, qui se... » »
Haiti News, 09/05/10 8:02 AM

Can someone with a half of brain please help me to understand this off the wall argument? Preval and his drunk, brain dead, evil bunch claimed that Haiti was too poor to buy 125,000 tents to protect the earthquake... » »
Tiba, 05/30/10 8:56 AM

Haiti: Deux Nouveaux Sondages sur les elections et les candidats Pour voter cliquez sur:Merci aux 1383 internautes qui ont vote sur le dernier sondage. -- Mwen se echantiyon youn ras kap boujonnen, men ki poko donnen... » »
Clovis Meradieu, 11/02/10 12:35 AM

When I am writing about Haitian politics, I am writing with an open mind and I always state it in my postings that I cannot be attached to anyone as far as Haitian politics is concerned. I am not losing any hope and I... » »
Toulimen, 03/27/11 5:01 PM

deja il commence a ne pas etre consistant. Hier il etait contre,maintenant il est pour les elections du 28.Il en est de meme quand il monte et descend son patalon dans les festivites. Pauvre Haiti!quand -est- ce que... » »
Mjb, 11/29/10 11:44 PM

RE: Preval A Fait Frauder Les Elections Pour Controler La Presidence Tiba Says... Preval is a despicable scumbag, he has always been, and always will be. This world would be much better off without Preval in it. Reply... » »
G. Williams, 04/22/11 8:54 AM

I presume Haiti elections will not go on next month since Haiti is in ruins. Despite the high number of causalities in Haiti, the country is still independent, an d highly populated. The US sock puppet, better known as... » »
Nadege, 01/19/10 7:50 PM

Haiti Sondage: Si les elections etaient libres qui serait president de la republique? Pour repondre cliquez sur: » »
Gesler Champagne, 09/08/10 12:15 AM