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The elections of November 28, 2010 are not possible Hugues Sanon, asked the PRC, from New York to postpone to a later date the presidential elections originally November 28, 2010. According to the Haitian activist... » »
Jean Claude, 11/25/10 10:03 AM

Bon Zouti, I thank you so much for your invitation. But I would like to ask you how can we talk about putting satellite in lunar orbit while your country can not ever organize its own election without the help of the... » »
Kiki, 03/21/10 9:53 PM

God will be so mad after the elections that he will clean Haiti again. Preval and his wife will be gone and the cadavers will remain unaccounted. Three millions of people will die and Haiti will be vleaned for real... » »
Gaspard Dieumaine, 11/25/10 6:06 PM

The Obama administration and the international community have remained silent the past two weeks concerning a decision by Haiti's election council to move forward with controversial Senate elections scheduled for April... » »
1 6 3 1, 04/08/09 8:28 PM

je suis un haitien authentique et j'aime mon pays, je ne veux pas que mon pays meure. je demande gentiment au president Rene Preval de demissionner et de remettre le pouvoir a d'autres personnes qui peuvent diriger... » »
Merislaire Joseph, 02/18/10 3:18 PM

The Elections Board makers as known as CEP are trying to undermine Michel Martelly's popularity by reducing his vote percentage margins to 51.64 to 52%. I am asking Micky to accept the victory and call for a recount... » »
Toulimen Legrand, 03/25/11 10:07 PM

Stanley Lucas has a plan. I was in Orlando when he presented his plan for Haiti. He talked in details about his economic priorities and how to address social and political issues facing the country. His plan is... » »
Jeanine Desravines, 08/24/10 12:17 PM

Vous les haitiens, vous vous faites toujours d'illusion pensant que vous etes un peuple normal comme les autres. Quel pays normal que, pour organiser ses elections, il doit recevoir de l'argent de la communaute... » »
Kiki, 03/14/10 4:45 PM

Preval should leave and the international community should take the lead in managing all Haiti's political and economic affairs for 20 years. Haitian people do not need elections, for elections had done nothing good... » »
Tirouj, 03/19/10 9:02 PM

Toussaint: Je partage le point de vue de Monsieur Stanley Lucas. Les elections n'auront pas lieu en Novembre pour des raisons techniques et politiques. Les hommes au pouvoir controlent la machine electorale. Une... » »
Frantz Michel, 08/16/10 11:46 PM