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Haitian President René Préval is being urged to move faster to schedule presidential and parliamentary elections in an earthquake-battered Haiti or risk losing the confidence of the U.S. Congress. The warning... » »
Antonioj, 06/09/10 2:06 PM

Linda, Maybe if you too the time to read the article you'd see the legal reasons discussed. » »
John, 04/10/09 3:01 PM

Monsieur Le Secretaire Genl De L'ONU: Les cinq familles les plus riches d'Haiti ont demandees a Preval d'organiser des elections a la fin de son mandat ce pour empecher a l'ONU ou les Etats Unis de mettre Haiti sous... » »
Carl Brouard, 07/25/10 2:06 AM

Haiti Electoral Update #6 by Stanley Lucas October 18, 2010 Background Elections are currently scheduled for November 28; many Haitian and international analysts have serious doubts that the process will be free and... » »
Gina Pompee, 10/19/10 5:47 PM

Dessalines The Avenger, You need to stop making thearts to people. I am sure you know that it is AGAINST the law to threatening someone's life in this country. I want you please to cool it. » »
Tiba, 02/28/10 11:26 AM

I am The visionary leader that many people and the United States don't want to talk about and I've been right here in their backyard. Do you know why? » »
Michael M Delasse, 10/12/10 3:11 PM

I don't trust Stanley Lucas anyway. His testing is bogus and very partial. » »
Demiris Claudel, 11/08/10 1:26 PM

Bien sur, elle se manifeste egalement a travers des elections libres et democratiques! Par conviction, certains ont decide de ne pas participer aux elections presidentielles de 2010. Par conviction egalement d'autres... » »
Marie-denise Jean-francoi, 09/26/10 6:03 PM

Dear Mr. President Apres avoir passe dix ans au pouvoir cher President, vous avez tout fait pour empecher des elections credibles dans le pays.Et maintenant vous voulez prolonger votre mandat.Il est temps de partir... » »
Ricot, 01/23/11 1:39 PM

So everyone is OK with that idea that we pretend to have elections every year so that these senators can go on the record and say "Hey I get paid to do nothing, I have no power do decide for Haiti" Everyone is OK with... » »
Yon Haitien, 12/16/08 10:43 PM