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7.1-magnitude quake strikes off Solomon Islands AP ADELAIDE, Australia - A powerful earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands on Sunday, but a monitoring agency said a tsunami was not expected. The U.S. Geological... » »
The Dark Knight, 04/11/10 7:33 AM

Rintintin, Isn't it true that P-A-P was completely destroyed before by an earthquake in 1742? I am wondering if it was the work of the United States. The city of New Orleans was washed away by Katrina, and I am... » »
Tiba, 02/18/10 7:15 AM

Scientists are like trial lawyers when God is a subject. They always find something to support their arguments against the existence of the Great Almighty God. They hate the term: God exists. They argued Jesus Christ... » »
The Dark Knight, 02/06/10 11:36 PM

Weekly Haiti Electoral Update #5 by Stanley Lucas Earthquake victims surprised by tropical storm...5 dead 57 injured The week of September 20 has been horrible for the 1.7 million victims of the earthquake that are... » »
Carmelia Duvalsaint, 09/26/10 11:37 PM

Associated Press SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- A moderate earthquake has rattled the eastern Dominican Republic and western Puerto Rico. No damage or injuries are being reported in what the U.S... » »
The Dark Knight, 04/18/10 11:46 PM

Weekly Haiti Electoral Update # 4 by Stanley Lucas Earthquake victims continue to suffer... and continue to protest The week of September 13-17 has been hard on the 1.7 million children, women, men and senior citizens... » »
Venise Bien Aime, 09/19/10 11:39 PM

Haitian Economic Elites Are Getting Paid To Give Leeway to Homosexuality And New Diseases In Haiti to Reduce Haiti's Population in Half in the next 20 years: The New Threats Will Be: 1. Homosexuality with the... » »
Pinchinat, 07/11/10 7:26 AM

Dark night, why it take you over 10 hours to post that news. You suppose to be our newman. » »
News Buff, 07/08/10 1:03 AM

The earthquake in Port-de-Paix, Northwest of Haiti (Report) A statement about the earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude in Port-de-Paix,Haiti, in that afternoon it was a very dark evening/ night in town because nobody couldn't... » »
Lou Evans Arne, 03/25/10 7:50 AM

"By the way, the US has weather modification units" (Nadege). Reading between the lines, you are saying basically that the United States has control over the weather. The United States can manipulate the weather up or... » »
Tiba, 01/17/10 12:55 PM