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that was my point, maybe i was not clear about it » »
Chuck, 01/03/11 6:18 PM

wyclef is telling the truth.I have my wife's relatives that live with us for two weeks.they are like foreigners in their own country.They are acting like they are rich because that they had a nice home in haiti.I went... » »
Llyod, 03/01/10 12:10 PM

Mabe so! I have sent email to GA. Tech which is engineering university my father went there on football scholarship and was later professor (he is now deceased but the school records show him as football star and... » »
Earl Wheby Jr., 01/27/10 3:30 PM

i really think this is not the time for this right!! We do not need this attention..Haiti government known not to care for the children... i think they should let the missionary go.. so we can focus on the victim of... » »
Lala, 02/08/10 1:42 AM

Could you try that again with a little attempt at coherence this time? » »
Gonaives, 01/21/10 8:23 PM

Anyone who still thinks this was a natural earthquake needs to wake the hell up. » »
Nadege, 01/29/10 10:46 PM

hello President, whatever people say I LOVE YOU. if it were not the earthquake you should leave a better country. » »
Pierre Metellus, 09/27/10 8:19 PM

Are you stoned? If you tell me what you take i can help you recover. » »
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 04/16/11 9:40 PM

Perhaps this following video might help but its in Spanish. Chavez did accuse USA of testing this new tectonic weapon that caused the earthquakes in Haiti.If nobody says anything they will continue with those tests. If... » »
Melissa, 01/21/10 10:16 PM

Dear Elizabeth Faraone: Can you make you the weak (in this case the victims) stronger by making the strong weaker? It seems that you have great compassion for the earthquake victims who camped out arbitrarily on... » »
Benoit Batraville, 02/24/10 11:53 PM